Why is Jewellery a Good Investment?

Why is Jewellery a Good Investment?
May 22, 2021 Vijay Soni Danwar

Indian ethnic culture from years bygone dictates why jewellery a good investment. The Kings and Queens have adorned themselves with innumerable jewel pieces that have only increased in value over the years. While gold is the obvious choice while considering the investment prospects of these precious metals, we can not ignore the impact and pricelessness of silver and diamond pieces of jewelry.

Growing up, we have all witnessed our parents buying jewellery and talking about the increase in value of the same. Now, there are several reasons as to why you should start hoarding up on your accessories today. Here are a few to which you are bound to relate to:

The Asset Formula

Jewelleries like Gold have increased in their value at a consistent pace. They are considered as physical assets and assure hefty returns when sold after a marked number of years, once purchased. The asset value of a diamond is largely questionable. There are ongoing debates on it. Though, what is perceived is that rare and unique diamond pieces that have maintained their 4Cs even after many years can be getting steady returns. Since diamonds are smaller in size when compared to gold and silver, several diamond pieces can be kept securely in one place without it taking too much space.

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Status Quotient

Often jewellery is used as a medium to flaunt and is a sign of prestige and status among people. Wearing expensive jewellery appears to be a class status. Hence, purchasing a stunning piece today will have a lavish look even at its antiquity. If the right designs have opted, these accessories can last a long time with no existing need to buy new and contemporary jewels. One-time expenditure on pieces of jewellery will forever be marked as a status symbol without any extra effort. The exclusive jewellery designs of Mahabir Dhanwar are unforgettable and exquisite, making you glamorously stand out in a crowd.


Sentimental Value

If nothing, you can be sure of one thing. Jewellery instills emotions and over time becomes symbolic to the sentiments of our lineage. You must have heard mothers passing along a necklace of their mother to their daughter or a son gifting his mother’s wedding ring to his fiancee. Gifting people these metals are sure to make them remember you always. With the special occasions corroborating these presents, immediate connections are formed with jewel pieces. Perhaps, this is why liquidating it can often be difficult.


The Mandatory Wear

On several periods and occasions, wearing jewellery is quite mandatory. To name a few, weddings, award functions, important dinners, and graduations call for the adornment of jewels. It adds an aura of sophistication and elegance to the overall vibe and formalizes these events of significance.

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Bride wearing Diamond Necklace


Look Enhancer

Jewelry has long played an important part in enriching our appearance and attractiveness. Necklaces, earrings, and bangles are worn by fashionable people. It can make a simple outfit look extravagant with the immense prestige assigned to the various gold, diamond, and silver jewels. Indian style accessories are less likely to change with time as compared to their western counterparts. In fact, it holds more significance with the passing of the times and will be considered more exquisite over the years. Hence, complementing any look with good jewellery really helps grab a lot of eyes. 


Well, after being aware of the investment advantages of jewelry, the next step is to understand the profit value of the various options present today. So if you’re wondering ‘Is Gold, Polki, Jadau or Diamond jewellery a good investment?’, here’s your answer. 



If there is no wear and tear, you can acquire a significant resale price for gold. Alongside, it is associated with Indian society emotionally. An all gold piece has an antique look and is mostly witnessed to be owned by elders in the family. It has more popularity among the older generations. When considering investment opportunities, gold pieces are your ideal and most booming selection. 


A form of uncut diamond, procured naturally, Polki can not be considered a good investment when it comes to monetary profits. You will hardly find jewellers buying it back after selling it. This is because it can not be melted. The only use of polki jewellery if and when it is resold, is that a few design changes are undertaken because there is no scope of melting it like a real diamond. 

Polki pieces of jewellery are popular due to their stunning appearance. These jewel sets are more feminine in nature and have a lasting impact when compared to other jewelry. It is a great investment if you wish to foster a beautiful form through the medium of accessorizing. 

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Polki Set


Ah! One of the most popular choices today, diamonds, are most famous for their application in rings. Exchanging diamond rings during weddings and engagements is a thing now. What is more, along with the shine and sparkle of diamond jewellery, it can prove to be a profiteering asset. If kept in prime condition, they can be sold at great rates. If the diamond is rare and unlike any, there will appear limitless options for its sale, which alternately means the sedentary and regular diamond takes some effort to be sold. Hence, diamond liquidation may appear to be a bit complicated for many. 

Diamonds, additionally, look glamorous when accessorized. They have a modern contemporary look, which is one of the primary reasons for its increase in demand among the younger generation. As mentioned earlier, the smallest diamonds can be very expensive and occupy smaller spaces, which makes them easy to store and conveniently resell later. Being the hardest objects in the world today, it is not easily subjected to chips and fall-offs, making it quite sustainable in the long run. 


A prized possession, jadau was introduced in India by the Mughals. This heritage jewel, jadau has a marked resale value. Though it differs according to its purity and whether the stones are natural or treated. Jadau choker necklaces and long earrings allow the inculcation of diverse patterns and designs making it as magnificent as it is well-crafted. 

Jewellery a Good Investment

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Jadau Necklace



If you’re spending a huge amount of effort on how you want to promote yourself through accessorizing styles, attention to detail is crucial. It’s the small, inconspicuous details that demonstrate a great sense of style and the ability to generate a complete, well thought-out outfit. Jewelry is a personal item that might reveal something about your personality. Hence, it is important to be invested in. Selecting the type, sustainability, and fashion of it is important, following which you can only expect positive returns. 


Contact our experts at Mahabir Dhanwar Jeweller to understand the investment opportunities aligned with different types of precious metals and never make a wrong decision!

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