A Guide to Understanding if the Diamond is Real or Fake

A Guide to Understanding if the Diamond is Real or Fake
May 11, 2021 Vijay Soni Danwar

Stunning pieces of jewellery, diamonds add grace and charm to your look. Their uses are versatile and are used by both males and females today. Real diamond rings of various shapes and sizes are the most famous choice of using this jewel, followed by diamond necklace, pendant, bracelet and anklets, to name some. 

However, these precious stones can be often deceived for a fake one, if you are not careful. Artificial diamonds at present, hardly differ from real stones, which makes it even more important for you to know their difference. Being informed will prevent you from getting fooled by salespersons and enhance your knowledge. 

With this blog, you can be prepared to buy the purest diamond piece and also catch the artificial ones with ease.

How to Understanding if the Diamond is Real?

The Hot & Cool Test

Unbelievably, it is exactly as it sounds! Use fireproof gloves or similar and heat a diamond, subjecting it to direct fire. After about 35 to 40 seconds, stop the heat, and drop this diamond directly into cold water.
With diamonds being one of the strongest materials on this earth, this heating and cooling technique will have no effect on it. The heat will easily cool down and it will adapt to the water with no damage at all.
However, a weaker counterpart like glass or zirconium will break and be in shatters.

Heating of Diamond

Sparkle It

Another method on how to check real diamonds is the sparkle test. Use a focused source of light, like a lamp and place the diamond below it.
Since diamonds are great reflectors of white light, the sparkle will be exceptional from a real diamond. On the other hand, even colourful lights reflect off a diamond most masterfully, adding additional beauty.

This is not the case of the fake diamonds, which when compared do not have the same sparkle as the real ones, and are much dimmer. 

The Fogging Technique

This is probably one of the easiest ways to understand whether the diamond is real or not. Bring the stone close to your mouth and breathe out on the diamond.
If the fog caused by your breath disappears instantly, then it is most likely to be the real deal, however, if it takes a few seconds, then you need to take the necessary actions because it is artificial. 

The Drown and Float Method 

All you have to do is take a glass of water and fill it 3/4th of the way. Drop the diamond in the water, if it sinks to the bottom, then it is real.
On the other hand, if it floats on the top or at the bottom then it is fake. So if you’re wondering if fake diamonds sink in water? Then your answer is no, it is completely the other way round.

With the real stones having a high density, their value can be tested with water’s density, making them sink in the water immediately. 

Water drop test for Diamonds

Newspaper Refractivity

Real diamonds have high refractivity, they shine out the light very visibly. Hence, assuring their refractivity impact is a great way to understand their authenticity. Place the diamond, with its flat surface down on a newspaper under. Try to read the words of the newspaper through the pointed end.
If you’re able to read the letters, however blurry they may be, then it is probably fake. It is important to make sure there are no shadows of a person or object falling on the diamond. On the other hand, if you can’t read the letters which are obstructed by the diamond refraction, then the stone is real. 

UV Light Process

The question that pops in the head is ‘Do fake diamonds glow under UV light?’ The answer is No, they do not. After all, we’ve all seen jewellers using black and UV light to understand and analyze their jewels.
Though the problem arises when you come to know that certain real diamond pieces don’t glow under the UV light either while most tend to radiate off a blue hue. In order to correctly discern this properly, you’ll need expert help from someone who knows about these stones properly.

Scaling the Stone

Further, the next method by which you can analyze the diamond is through the scaling method. Your local jeweller is sure to have a scale on which your stone can be weighed.
The artificial pieces will weigh more than the real ones of the same stature. Hence, comparing the weight of two similar stones will prove their designation.

Weighing of Diamond on weighing scale

Use a Flashlight

Often we are asked, ‘How can you tell if the diamond is real with a flashlight?’, and here’s a clear answer to this. Take a magnifying glass and look closely at the piece in question.
If you find flaws or inclusions in them, then they are likely to be real. On the other hand, if they are perfect and have no flaws then they may be fake, made of probably cubic zirconia or moissanite. 

There are exceptions of a few real diamonds that are flawless, though those are rare and are lab mended, very expensive to acquire, Hence, try out some other authenticity checks after the magnifying test to avoid any mishaps.

A Loupe Trial

There are several other ways on how to tell if a diamond is real. One of the very popular ones is the use of loupe. Very similar to the magnifying test, the loupe is a small instrument used by jewellers to see and check the details closely.
While a fake diamond is going to be perfect and structured flawlessly, the real ones will have some imperfections as they are naturally procured and not lab-made.
Hence, with the loupe trial, you’re sure to get trustworthy results. If you do not have a loupe, you can easily take help from a local jeweller to discern a stone’s value. Professional loupes are made specially to test stones.  

Diamond testing tool

Loupe Used to check the Diamonds

The Scratch Test

This involves a mirror and a diamond. Though, How to tell if a diamond is real with a mirror? Well, it is easy, however, this method is not considered very reliable today.
Earlier the scratch test was used extensively to check the reliability of a diamond, but this can’t be trusted completely anymore. Use a diamond to scratch the surface of a mirror, if the diamond chips first then it is fake since the actual stones are much more strong and hardy.

This test can’t be trusted because even the fake counterparts like cubic zirconia are made very strong and will not chip easily when scratched against a measure. Therefore,  clearing the real or not doubt through this test has slowly become backdated. 

Dotting It

Very similar to the newspaper method. The dot technique uses a pen and paper.  With the pen make a dot on a blank sheet of paper and then place a diamond, pointed side up on the dot. If you look through the diamond and can see a circle formation or a dot-like structure, the stone is fake.
On the other hand, if you can’t see any such dot-like formation very clearly, then it is real. As mentioned, a diamond’s refraction strengths do not allow the light of a focused object to reflect directly which instead radiates all over the surrounding area.         

Understanding if the Diamond is Real   

Reflective index of a Diamond

The X-Ray Help

If you wish to go all the way, then sending your diamonds to be tested to a diamond lab is also a verified option. With the specially curated x-ray machines, the molecules of your stone will be crucially analyzed, studying whether the jewel is more radiolucent or not.  Radiolucent is a feature of real stones, that are not related or present in the fake ones.

Using these methods you are sure to understand whether a diamond is real or not. But, with the modernization of gemstones and their various complexities, it is advised to consult someone who has know-how about diamonds.
With their advanced machines like thermal conductivity probes, professional weighing machines, electricity conductivity tests and microscopes, they are most likely to be judging the diamond correctly. Small mistakes may lead to misunderstandings when it comes to these precious jewels.

We, at Mahabir Danwar, are open to helping you in any manner possible and assure you positive results when undertaking a test. You can Contact Us or book a Live Video Chat and get reliable help from anywhere, at any time and any day!



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