12 Most Trending Types of Ring Jewellery

12 Most Trending Types of Ring Jewellery
October 25, 2021 Vijay Soni Danwar
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Jewellery comes in different shapes and sizes. From the extravagantly designed lustrous pieces full of dazzling intricate big bold necklaces, bangles and earrings to the simple go-to wear studs, bracelets, pendants and chains. Especially, the different types of Ring Jewellery favour everyone’s choice and style, and there’s possibly no such occasion that doesn’t have an apt jewel piece to grace it with.

Some types of jewellery can be worn with or without having any special occasions and can add a special charm to one’s attire. One such piece of jewellery that can be worn for different occasions, special memorable events, everyday day styling and even according to mood is ring jewellery. Ring jewellery can mean every kind of ring-based jewel piece including toe rings, nose rings, earrings and so on; but here we’re talking about one of the most common and often close-to-heart pieces of jewellery the “finger rings”. 

Finger ring jewellery is one of the most minimalistic and charismatic pieces of jewellery that is a staple trendy piece of jewel that can never go out of fashion. A lot of people who are not much of a fan of wearing jewellery have a keen preference over these as it is easy, comfy and has a huge range of price and designs, materials to choose from. 

As we all are already aware of how popular and comfortable choice finger rings are since every person even the ones who are not too fond of collecting pieces of jewellery at least has one finger ring. These are usually considered to be one of the smallest pieces of jewellery in someone’s attire.

Rings are dainty & precious and surely add elegance to the outfit and personality. But what many of us might not be aware of is that finger ring jewellery has a huge diversity in which they’re found and each of them holds some special significance or special charm of its own, thus here’s a guide to all the different types of ring jewellery that can be found. 

Anniversary Bands

This finger ring jewellery symbolizes the milestones in marriage which are usually given from one spouse to another to celebrate a wedding anniversary; or sometimes is gifted by close family members or friends to the couple on their anniversary as on major anniversary milestone of 5,10,15,20, etc years, but can also be given anytime.

Traditionally anniversary bands are made of silver, gold or platinum encrusted with diamond, but sometimes they can also consist of other gemstones or in the plain gold, platinum or silver band-like rings. The stones are typically either channel set, meaning set between two vertical metal walls, or three stones set in prongs side by side to represent past, present, and future. 

Bridal Set

As the name suggests it’s worn by the brides. The set typically includes the wedding band and engagement ring. These sets can range from a simple solitaire engagement ring with a plain metal band to extravagant rings featuring many stones, diamonds and otherwise. Sometimes if someone wishes to continue wearing both the rings together after their marriage they can easily find a matching pair of bridal set rings. 

Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is most often given upon the occasion of a proposal or soon after a couple has decided to get married and just got engaged. It represents the agreement between the couple. It’s customarily worn on the left ring finger and can be found in variant styles and sizes. Almost every type of precious metal or stone can be made into an engagement ring. 

If you wish to know more about the various engagement ring jewellery types, then contact our experts at Mahabir Danwar with ease. 

Wedding bands

The wedding band is a very simple ring. It was traditionally the man’s companion to the woman’s engagement ring. Simple, round, and solid metal was the only available look but with time as the jewellery-making process has developed and variant designs have started to come up these have turned more detailed and fashionable than back in time. Today women wear wedding bands, too, and designs have gotten more versatile. The rings with more to them are referred to as wedding rings while the simpler rings are still called bands.

Band finger rings

A band ring is typically a plain metal ring with no extra adornments. However, bands with stones, engravings, and other additions are common.  A band is different from the traditional Indian ring designs and can be as simple or complex as per the preferences and craftwork are done on it. Bands also have moved past metal for their base construction. One can also choose from a variety of band rings made of plastic resin for a more artistic look, or can purchase silicone bands. 

However, the band finger rings that are traditionally meant for the wedding ring for the groom are mostly made in precious metal bodies with little carvings or kept simple as it is. 


A princess-cut engagement ring features a sparkly diamond or any other precious stone that’s cut into a square shape and has a pyramid profile with pointed corners this type of cut creates a brilliant look as it has more facets to allow the stone to catch and reflect more light. This type of cut is very popular as a solitaire or in three-stone rings. The princess cut is a trending Indian ring design.

Three Stone Rings 

The three-stone ring is an engagement ring that features three stones. Sounds pretty obvious to its name but these three stones are considered to have more of a symbolic value. Much like the past-present-future anniversary bands, these engagement rings hold the promise of being together for a long time. Couples can enjoy choosing one of these rings to add extra meaning and value to represent their agreement on getting married and while getting a special engagement ring to remember the special day. 

Marquise Rings

Marquise rings are rings with diamonds or other gemstones possessing an elliptical shape with pointed ends. The marquise ring is wrapped around pronounced as “mahr-keez,” this stone shape is said to signify the woman who has a larger-than-life personality and a love for all things glamorous. A marquise diamond engagement ring is sure to behold extraordinary character and plenty of sparkles. As the Marquise diamond has one of the largest crown surface areas of any diamond shape, making it a good choice when trying to maximize the perceived size of the gemstone. It isn’t as popular as the cushion rings which go never out of the trend but can go in and out of popularity.

Pear-cut diamond rings

Pear cut diamond rings as the name suggests are the rings having a centrepiece of diamond or mostly the entire ring top shaped like a pear. Technically, it can be worn whichever way you want – however, the most common way of wearing it is with the tip of the spear pointed towards your fingernails, so as if the pear was sitting right-side up. That way, it also looks like a falling teardrop when you look down at your hand. Because the pear shape is more unique, it often represents the strong will, empowerment, independence, and unique style of its wearer.

These stones are also said to symbolize tears of joy or wedding tears, both appropriate choices for an engagement ring. Because of their elongated shape, pear cuts look larger than a round diamond. But it’s not just appearance, they’re 8% larger on their top surface! This means that even a small diamond will make a big impact. Also, pear-shaped rings are great at concealing inclusions. This might not be much popular choice but can stand out as someone’s unique pick for a great day.

Halo Rings:

A halo ring features one large stone in the centre surrounded by a ring of smaller stones and is similar in style to cluster rings. The smaller stones can either follow the shape of the centre stone or they can create a different shape around it. Usually, these rings are seen to be with a centre stone of any coloured gemstone and the surrounding stones of the diamond but can also be found in vice versa or a completely different design. 

Cocktail Rings

 These rings usually have an oversized centre stone or a lot of small stones in their settings. The gemstones in cocktail rings are the main focus of attention which is typically a large, flamboyant and pronounced piece of jewellery worn on the middle finger or fourth finger of the right hand. These statement rings are a must-have in the wardrobe. If you’re going to any other party big, rings can give you’re handed a great look.  Currently, the cocktail rings with emeralds and rubies are more popular.

Types of ring Jewellery

Are Rings

The term Arsi is used for the mirror which is embedded in the ring. Originating in the Mughal reign, it was used traditionally by brides so that they can sneak a look at their would-be husbands even from customary pariah. This mirror ring was used by queens would help them in checking their makeup and hairdo. It also helped them in getting a glance at their husband without looking at them directly. This ring is traditionally made of gold or silver carvings with intricate designs surrounding the centrepiece of a mirror.

But sometimes it can also be found with an openable pendant-like structure with a gemstone on the top of the cover while the inside of the pendant has a mini mirror embedded in it. Are rings though having a legacy from the Royal eras still haven’t gone down in popularity. Even now people keep these in trend pairing up some chic fashionable looks. These rings are timeless and can look good with both western and Indian outfits. 

Kundan Jadau Meenakari rings

Kundan Jadau meenakari rings are also one of the most popular trend finger ring pieces of jewellery. This can be the best jeweller to complement an Indian ethnic or even an Indo western casual look. “Meenakari” which is directly known as an art form of colouring and ornamenting on a metal surface is done by the skilled craftsman meenakari with great effort. The ring jewellery pieces are usually a combination of two different arts which when placed together are two pieces fixed together to give a whole new pattern.

Usually, the green shaded meenakari rings are the most loved ones but even the other ones are a piece no one can look away from. The Kundan Meenakari HandpaintedSmall or big-sized ring adds the perfect shine and character to the classic Royal look. Buy traditional Indian rings online with ease at Mahabir Danwar.

Legacy of the different types of ring jewellery

The wedding band became a symbol of marriage during Ancient Egyptian and Roman times. They believed that the vena amoris, or “vein of love” on the fourth finger of the left hand carried a vein that had a direct connection to the heart. Thus began the ring as a symbol of the binding union in marriage. It is believed that the ancient Egyptians were the first ones to exchange rings that were made of leather or woven reeds to express their love and devotion for one another.

They were shaped in a circle, as they are now since a circle is seen as a powerful symbol. Since then began the popularity of weddings, and engagements, allowing Indian rings to spread across the world. Not only in the European part of the world even in our Indian traditions similar beliefs are followed where both the wedding and engagement rings are considered to be very important besides the other symbolic ornaments.

Dating back nearly 5,000 years the legacy of finger ring jewellery has played a huge role in the cultural traditional and spiritual development all across the globe. Even though the wedding rings have been given more importance in the past the casual rings for others have also been there since their ancient origins commonly for fashion purposes.


So it can be concluded that the various finger ring jewellery types have had a long journey morphing themselves into the dazzling riches of fine craftsmanship that we see now. Whether it be the simple smaller finger rings, the classic diamond solitaires, the funky bands, the royal meenakari and arsis or the fun to have mood rings; ring jewellery of all types has always been the easy to go with and most versatile pieces of jewellery ever made which never fails to accentuate the wearer’s beauty and grace.

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