Secret Guide to Types of Maang Tikka Jewellery

Secret Guide to Types of Maang Tikka Jewellery
April 22, 2022 Vedika Didwania

The extravagant wedding functions and the gorgeous colourful getups are what make Indian weddings more special and unique. Weddings in our country are no less than an extravagant celebration or festival for the family, friends and other guests. From decors to music everything takes separate preparation time and effort for creating the special charm of the big day. People dress up quite elaborately for their weddings, especially when it comes to bridal wear, wearing different types of Maang Tikka jewellery becomes an essential adornment. Just like the diversity of food, culture, beliefs, regions and so much more, the weddings too have a huge diversity amongst them. 

 But no matter whichever wedding it is every Indian wedding has some core similarities in them. And one such similarity lies in the wedding pieces of jewellery. An Indian wedding is incomplete without the gorgeous brides dressed in their enchanting attires complemented with their beautiful jewels. Not even just the bride and groom but even everyone else attending wishes to pull off their magnificent looks on a great day. Hence what can be better than a dazzling piece of jewellery to add the extra layer of beauty to one’s look. 

And one such form of jewellery that if rightly chosen can accentuate the outfit and wearer the best is a Maang tikka. The beautiful shining piece of jewellery known as Maang tikka is a piece of forehead jewellery worn across the parting of one’s hairline and has an old-world charm that gives the wearer an ethereal and majestic look. Maang tikkas come in many forms and designs, and there’s a huge variety to choose from. Therefore we have curated the perfect list of different types of Maang tikka Jewellery that can fit the best to complete the charismatic wedding attire. 

The perfect list of Different types of Maang Tikka Jewellery

The simple maang tikka

The simple maang tikkas are the perfect choice for minimalistic brides. It consists of a simple chain hanging down on the middle hair parting and attached to the front pendant which in this case is usually a simple design and smaller in size studded with stones or beads along with the metalwork. A simple but outstanding design worn on any small occasion of tikka is a simple gold chain with a pendant at the forehead looks awesome sober on any outfit.

Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt wearing Maang Tikka

Borla Maang Tikka

A statement style of maang tikka from Haryana and Rajasthan, which was something used even by queens and princes. It has a very peculiar shape studded with beads and precious stones. It can be found in both simple and heavy designs.

It has a finely crafted with detailings or even a plain chain that is hooked with hair on one side and the other end that is on the forehead is attached to a round pendant that is known as borlo/ Borla. Borla named is derived from the fruit jujube, the shape resembles the fruit.

Usually as once worn by the royalty The band Or chain attached with Borla is studded with precious stones like diamonds and has small dangling stones or metal detailings around the lining. The beauty of the tikka tassel simply makes the bride look elegant and glamorous. 

perfect list of different types of Maang tikka Jewellery- Mahabir Danwar Jewellers (5)

Source – Shaadi Wish

One Tier Maang Tikka

 The tier can be a simple chain or have elegant designs along with it. A single-strand tikka is the second simplest tikka of the designs. The tikka is designed with a brooch hanging in the forehand and the two single strands are headed towards both ear sides.

The strands are decorated with specific designs and motifs by the artisans. A single-strand tikka is also very often chosen in gold alloy. While pendant is often crafted in Kundan Or Polki design sometimes with uncut stones stranded in the tikka chains on both sides. It is a very elegant form of maang tikka that is perfect for a simple yet gorgeous wedding day look. 

Source – Wed About

Double Stranded Maang Tikka

Double-stranded maang tikka which is also known as Dani maang tikka has two strands exceeded towards both the ear ends. The way of wearing matters a lot. You can lightly loosen and hang the strand and hook it behind the ear and the second two strands hooked on the top head in the hairstyle. It gives a beautiful voluminous look to the hairstyle too.

These maang tikkas usually come in Kundan and jadau-style stoned designs. Understated and yet acquiescent to tradition, this is for the minimalist bride who also wishes to stand out a little with an exquisite look on the big day. 

Woman wearing Double Stranded Maang Tikka 

The Multi Chains Maang Tikka

A multi-chained tikka comes in different designs. We can see in both simple chained designs and also in crafted with diamonds and pearls. The strands are fixed from the forehead line to the top head of the hairstyle.

The entire hairstyle is beautifully decorated with the tikka strands. While there’s the dazzling pendant dangling in the front the entire layers of the different chains across the head attached to the main chain in the middle include small detailings of beads on the linings or have a chain of precious stones lined up. The multi-chained maang tikkas are all about the opulently pretty bridal look.

Source: Weddings Only

Maang Tikka with Side Strings

A side string maang tikkas are a new style of wearing the tikka. Among the several types of Maang Tikka jewellery, this style though not so popular in India can also make up for a pretty accessory for the wedding attire.

In this design, the maang tikka has a beautifully crafted brooch in the centre of the forehead and multiple strands are tied behind either side of the ear. It indeed gives an elegant look. It is commonly worn by Arab ladies who also have a Jhumar kind of ornament that they wear on the side part of the head that hangs on the forehead and ear.

Maang Tikka with Side Strings

The Chaandbali style maang tikka

As the name states the Chaandbali Or crescent moon-shaped maang tikkas are one of the most trending and popular choices of maang tikkas in Indian pieces of jewellery. It is one such maang tikka that is perfect for both the bride and everyone else attending the wedding.

The Heritage glamour, the majestic Mughal-inspired maang tikka from the skilled hands of a gifted kaarigar features an intricate design studded with Polki and beads, peeking out beautifully from just below the dupatta covering the bride. The main moon-shaped pendant showcases the intricately formed floral patterns with studded stones or diamonds along the way with a beautiful chain attached to hold it in place.

It is one of the most gracefully magnificent pieces of jewellery that brings in the regal touch of old times with a dash of modern jewellery styles. Also, it’s easy and lightweight compared to other maang tikkas. 

Gold Chaandbali Maang Tikka

The extravagant kundan maang tikkas

Kundan work is a form of jewellery crafting wherein diamonds and pearls are embossed on the metal surface of the ornament making it look gorgeous. The maang tikka looks awesome when there is a touch of Kundan work.

The evergreen style of Kundan maang tikkas with their styles in multilayered or a heavy single strand band intricately designed with floral or gold motifs on both sides of the hairline and a long heavy piece of chain with studded Kundan decorations holding onto the hanging brooch in the middle of the forehead is one such type of maang tikka that fits in every kind of look.

Even though it might seem a bit heavy the lighter versions can also complement a minimalistic attire with ease and not look overdone. When it’s hard to choose from the variant forms of maang tikkas Kundan maang tikkas are the best choice that one can never go wrong with. 

The extravagant kundan maang tikka

South Indian maang tikkas

The south Indian maang tikka design consists of a set of three separate pieces of two circular brooches at both sides of the hairstyle and combined with them is the main tikka with three strands beautifully crafted.

One attached to the back in the hair and the rest two extended towards both ears. The golden circular brooches designed with intricate patterns on both sides of the head symbolize the sun and moon. Which is believed to be worn as the blessings of the sun and the moon on the bride and groom.

While the middle part of the maang tikkas the main three end chain attached with the hanging pendant on the forehead is the accentuation of the ajna chakra which is considered to be symbolic of prosperity. The South Indian maang tikkas are usually a combination of gold green and red colours popping up in the most ethnic and charismatic way with the other pieces of jewellery and bright beautiful sarees. 

Source: Wedding Sutra

Maharashtrian and Gujarati maang tikkas 

The Maharashtrian bride wears a tikka accompanied by a traditional jewellery piece traditionally known as Mundavalya. Marathi bridal tikka is mostly designed with pearls as they have a significant look and meaning with the jewellery design and its bright colours. 

A similar kind of maang tikka is worn by Gujarati darbar brides who they call moriyo. These maang tikkas stand somewhere between the lines of being minimalistic and ornately designed maang tikka styles. 

Bengali Maang tikkas

The Bengali Maang tikka commonly known as Tikli is a delicate and elegant piece of a gold pendant with floral motifs and intricate patterns hanging along a sleek gold chain (sometimes decorated with gold attachments) hanging down the hair parting. The tikli is paired up with a tiara and mukut.

The tiara can be two or three layered or with a single broad layered chain like matha Patti with small dangling gold beads or other patterns of decoratives along its edges which are attached to the tikli and helps to keep the veil in place.

The mukut is usually an additional separate piece of crown jewel either multilayered or single-layered placed on top of the head which sometimes can also be attached to the Tikli or tiara. The Bengali Maang tikka is a sumptuous and important match for the look of a Bengali bride. 

Source: Shaadi Wish

Punjabi Maang Tikka Designs

Punjabi style Maang tikkas are a beautiful choice among the various types of Indian Maang tikka jewellery. The tikkas are mostly shaped in big round shapes that cover almost half of the forehead. In earlier times they used to wear the actual tikka design but with the evolutions of new designs, they brought a new design that suited best with the Punjabi bridal attire and choli in Punjabi weddings.

The look of this Maang tikkas pendant does not leave you enough space to add bindi on your forehead. But the only piece of tikka alone serves all needs of the head ornament. It is a splendid Maang tikka design that adds up to a royal and glorious look for the wearer. 

Source: Urban Company

Kashmiri Maang tikka

A Kashmiri traditional girl will be seen in a beautiful head ornament commonly known as kana-door. Ata-hor and Deji-hor. The commonly Kashmiri brides wear. The headwear is made of silver and gold sometimes and studded with precious gems. The headwear is semi-circular in shape and is worn on the forehead covering almost half of it.

Source: Shaadi Dukaan

Hidden Maang Tikkas

A hidden Maang tikka means that no chain is hooked on the centre part of the hairstyle or if there is a chain it is hidden under the hairstyle. The pendant or brooches only is seen on the middle of the forehead. This way of fixing the tikka looks adorable and unique. This modern, clever Maang tikka, with its lightweight charms, is perfect for the youthful, playful bride, especially at a sangeet or mehndi.

Polki Maang Tikkas 

This design can be dated back to the Mughals as it features beautiful uncut diamonds. The diamonds are studded closely together, forming a water-drop shape and consist of a bigger main diamond or other precious stones like Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire or Amethyst in the middle. While there’s a single sleek chain made of gold hanging it down across the middle of the forehead.

It is the most minimalist possible design in Maang tikkas yet it’s the kind that has been always coming and going in the trends. Sometimes there’s an additional attachment of a broad or thin matha Patti to give it a heavier and covered look. 

Indian Polki Maang Tikka

Circular maang tikkas

Something is satisfying about the symmetrical designs and radial patterns in a circular Maang tikka. Also, the pearl cluster around the maang tikka gives a ravishing feel to the jewellery.

The circular Maang tikkas can be huge and covered to even small and minimalist they can be either very finely decorated with crafted jewels and uncut stones or simply stranded circular motif of gold with Polki beadings or can even be found in a colourful meenakari design. Depending upon one’s face shape if chosen in the right size the round ravishing piece of maang tikka can go with any attire any look adding a flawless beauty to it. 

Conclusion :

Indian Maang tikka jewellery is one of the best and most charismatic pieces of jewellery that have the power to change the entire appeal of one’s look and outfit. If chosen correctly it can turn out to be the best match in someone’s jewellery collection that can become the easiest best way to accentuate their beautiful features.

And when it comes to the wedding attires this glittering piece of elegance is one the best accessories that bring out the pure astounding grace showing the joyous mood of the resplendent and radiant Indian wedding ceremonies. 

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