14 Types of Jhumka Earrings you must not miss

14 Types of Jhumka Earrings you must not miss
June 28, 2022 Vijay Soni Danwar

Every jewellery lover is aware that earrings are an essential part of women’s fashion. They are the most loved and treasured ornaments worn by a woman. Be it your traditional look or western, it can never be complete without a matching pair of earrings. Especially the different types of Jhumka Earrings are classic ornamental wear. 

Sometimes earrings alone can accentuate a look so well that there’s no need to go for any other additional jewellery piece to create a gorgeous attire. Similarly, a look without earrings will always look incomplete no matter how many different types of beautiful ornaments one wears.

Therefore it can be said that earrings are an essential jewellery piece and no matter if you’re a minimalistic person or somehow who always likes everything extra glam, earrings are something you can never ignore. And it’s needless to say that the variety of earrings that are found is an endless loop of designs, styles and quality to choose from. 

Diamond Jhumka

But if you’re in doubt and can’t decide what type of earrings to buy that will suit every kind of attire and which will add the best possible charm and beauty, then we’re here to help you out. One of the most timeless and forever favourite trending earring jewellery Jhumkas are the best possible choice for everyone who’s looking for an effortless amazing look.

Jhumkas are traditional bell-shaped earrings, which owe their origin to ancient times. Due to their absolute elegance and flawless beauty, Jhumkas are sure to find a place in the vanity box of every girl who is an earring lover. 

Jhumka is one of the most traditional accessories that surely is a fashion must-have in every girl’s or woman’s collection. The earrings of Jhumka are made of conical, round, or church bells. They have an antique yet trendy look and have intricate motifs, patterns, and designs carved on them. Made with gold plated metal or any other variant precious metals and studded with pearls and multicolour stones the long or short hanging jhumkas are perfect for any festivities.

Worn with western outfits jhumkas add their delicate charm and a slight Indian touch to it while making it look casual and graceful at the same time. Designer jhumkas are the best choice for a big glittery Indian wedding outfit to look elegant and attractive without much effort.

From Bollywood songs to the everyday jewellery collections of girls, Jhumkas have a special place dedicated when it comes to earrings. With their delicate work and perfect finishing, these earrings have won everyone’s heart. 

And thus we have curated a list of the best and different types of Jhumka earring pieces of jewellery to choose from:

Meenakari Jhumkas

Meenakari is a form of Persian art which have been practised and flourished in Indian jewellery making for centuries? It involves the process of colouring the surface of metals by fusing different contrasting colours. Meenakari Jhumkas are a type of Indian jhumka, designed with the Meenakari art forms, which makes them very colourful and radiant. They originated from Rajasthan.

The Latkans of these Jhumkas are generally made with a very bright colour. These Jhumkas go pretty well when worn along with traditional attires at weddings and parties, making your look all the more lavish.


Meenakari Jhumkas

Pearl Jhumkas

These types of Jhumkas are the right option to get that chic, classic & elegant look. Pearl Jhumkas are the best option to team with both western and traditional attires. It has an easy Royal charm to it that never fails to compliment anyone’s look. They come in variant shapes sizes and designs and also range from a variety of colour choices with the different coloured pearls that can be found in nature. 

Polki Diamond Jhumkas

These delicate pieces of Polki diamond jhumkas are crafted using south sea pearls, rubies, and uncut diamonds arranged in a floral pattern centred around the ruby and encircled with sea pearls for a purely ethnic appeal. There’s nothing more flawless and perfect than these Polki diamond Jhumkas for getting an easy yet gorgeous look with even the simplest of outfits on an important event.

They have an antique yet trendy look and have intricate motifs, patterns, and designs carved on them. Made with gold plated metal or any other variant precious metals and studded with pearls and multicolour stones the long or short hanging Jhumkas are perfect for any festivities. 

The different types of Jhumkaa earrings

Bollywood actress wearing Polki Diamond Jhumka

Terracotta Jhumkas

Terracotta jhumka designs are another one in the list of different types of Jhumkas that are influenced by nature, the use of diverse forms to produce animals, plants, leaves, flowers, and tribal deities, or fashionable looks.

Earring Terracotta jhumka is made of natural earthen clay so that they are easy to use. Terracotta jhumka earrings are crafted from natural earthen clay so they are skin-friendly and are a good choice for anyone who has a metal allergy. 

Layered jhumkas

This is another sensation from the league of jhumkas wherein the jewels are layered in instalments.  They are arranged in the shape of an umbrella-like structure, one below the another. When the layers are present in more than two numbers then they are referred to as multi-layered jhumkas which are perfect to rock with Indian traditional dresses.

They are trending like fire this season so don’t forget to buy them in oxidized silver or gold for a dapper look.

Gold Jhumka

Hoop Jhumkas

As the name suggests, the jhumkas are in the shape of a hoop which is generally circular or semi-circular and they appear in the shape of a dangler and are generally closer to your ears in terms of distance. If you are someone who is head over heels for ethnic jewellery then this is the thing that you need to own for the upcoming festive season.

On top of that hoop earrings are also another trending earring jewellery that never goes out of fashion and also it’s scientifically believed that the symmetry of hoop earrings adds to the facial structure of most people making them look even more flawless. Oxidized, dark or stone-studded ones, these are everything to fall in love with. 

Jhumko Or Bengali Jhumkas

The Traditional Bengali Jhumkas earrings are commonly known as ‘Jhumko’. It’s a unique mixture of chaandbalis and other Indian Jhumkas and is all about floral designs. New designs have been inculcated in the ‘Jhumko’ so that they can be worn at ease by Bengali women in the modern-day context since back in time these used to real heavy to wear and super detailed with flowers and leaf designs all across their layers.

Kashmiri Jhumkas

Kashmiri Jhumkas are ideal for wearing a variety of ethnic costumes, and according to current trends, Kashmiri jhumkas are in higher demand than other jhumkas. The design of Kashmiri jhumkas is unique, with long earrings and a pearl chain connected to the Jhumka. These jhumkas must be worn with a pearl chain behind the ear. These earrings will undoubtedly make you stand out at a festive gathering.

Kashmiri Jhumka

Diamond Jhumkas

Diamond jhumki earrings are perfect for modern girls who don’t like the classic gold-tone jhumki earrings. Diamond studded jhumkis add a glamorous touch to the wearer. These modern jhumkis are perfect to team with designer costumes.

Chaandbali Jhumkas

What can be more ethereal than this Royal jewellery tracing its roots from Mughal and Rajput empires? This bejewelled interpretation of the crescent moon with its intricate work of Kundan, Jadau and unusual gemstones crafted with care by the artisans expressing their variations; is probably the most Imperial earrings one can ever find. 

Despite the centuries-old origins of these earrings, it doesn’t take a historian to know that these are Chaandbali’s (moon earrings). One of the most recognizable designs in the vast repertoire of Indian jewellery traditions, Chaandbalis remains immensely popular. From Bollywood red carpet looks to the extravagant Indian wedding and occasions Chaandbalis have gracefully accentuated the Indian beauties with their presence.

Chaand Bali means ‘moon earrings’ which are in the shape of a crescent moon and trinkets below it. This style of jhumka is a pretty mix of two stunning designs jhumkas & chaand-Bali both. Well, that’s enough of a reason for us to buy them for the festive season this year. 

It could be any occasion or any time of the day, these beautiful earrings go well with every style and personality. Wear one of these and you don’t have to worry about any other accessories. These can be found in a wide range of Kundan, Polki, Jadau and meenakari designs.

Green colour Indian Jhumka earrings

Chandelier Jhumkas

These earrings have straight come from the royal 19th century and we are really thankful to the Nizams for having a classy taste for fashion and their sophisticated choice of chandelier designs that looks like exquisite piece of jewels hanging down your ear.

The jhumkas have an extended tassel end that is perfect to add a pop of modernity and high fashion to your outfit. The earrings have a glorious and vintage vibe of Rajasthan to them & worth the creation of pure elegance even for the millennials.

Ear-cuff Jhumkas

Ear-cuffs worn with Jhumkas are referred to as ear-cuffs. Ear-cuff jhumkas come in a variety of designs, but peacock-inspired jhumkas are particularly appealing.

Paisley Jhumkas

These jhumkas features the exquisite design of paisleys and filigree work that are the true definition of the Indian culture in terms of traditional crafting. The design stands out in every way when donned with different styles of drapes and suits. They are very light to use for day-to-day purposes and an extremely stunning piece to store if you are a jhumka hoarder.

Pearl Jhumka

Dangler Jhumkas

Perfect to go with any desi attires the dangler earrings mixed with jhumki style create the dangler Jhumkas. Dangling essentially means to hang so anything that comes with multi frills that are studded in a pattern is called Danglers.

These earrings with their classy simplistic charm also have a very bohemian vibe in them. Danglers or also known as dangling earrings are available in multiple shapes in the market such as hoops or ones that simply hang. They come in different styles like metallic, pom-pom, coloured, filigree, gold studded with diamonds and other gems and many more. 


As an Indian and a jewellery lover, Jhumkas is like the definition of perfect every-occasion ear jewellery. One can hardly find an Indian girl not having one of these different types of Jhumkas in her collection. They effortlessly add that additional grit and grace to your looks, and never run out of your style. It can be said that Jhumkas are just like our country itself diverse, unique, traditional and yet modern and timeless. 

Designer Jhumkas are the best choice for a big glittery Indian Wedding outfit to look elegant and attractive with not much effort. From Bollywood songs like “Aaja Nachle by Madhuri Dixit” to the everyday jewellery collections of girls, Jhumkas have a special place dedicated when it comes to earrings. With their delicate work and perfect finishing, these earrings have won everyone’s heart. 

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