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Today, we are surrounded by various types of jewellery pieces that are diverse and authentic in style. They enhance your look, adding elegance and regalness to your look. Now, if you are new to buying jewellery or need some general guidance to manoeuver the world of accessorizing, this blog is the perfect getaway for your understanding of this world. 

The first thing to get familiar with is the different types of jewellery in India and the assortment of distinctive types of jewellery designs to be considered. 

The most popular types of jewellery


With the increasing array of preferences for both men and women, rings are the type of jewellery that adds finesse to your fingers. They look classy and often add an appearance of slimness to the hands when worn. Rings can be made with a variety of materials, starting from gold, diamond, metal, silver and even wood.

Their uses are not only restricted to fashion but also inculcate religious significance in India. People of India are often seen adorning rings of colourful hues, that are meant for good or bad luck or to even fight against omens. Most popular worldwide, however, are engagement rings which are prevalent in both Western and Eastern cultures. 

When turning our heads towards the Indian jewellery rings, diamond and gold are popular options that won’t disappoint you. You can opt for the very popular round-shaped ring or the designer gold ones. There are thumb rings, couple rings, men rings, cocktail rings, infinity rings, nail rings and mid rings to name a few popular styles. When it comes to this accessory, there are hardly any barriers in design.

It can range from quirky figures of star signs, initials to more simplistic shapes. You can check out our blog ‘Set the Trend Today with Diamond Shapes’ which can be applied to them with ease. Just look through credible sites online or consult experts to check out a variety of designs that meet your needs. 

Types of Jewellery , Types of rings

Picture Source : Anjolee

Types of Ring Designs



Here’s a secret! One of our favourite jewellery pieces is a necklace. The look and feel of this particular adornment are unparalleled in impact and gracefulness. There are always infinite possibilities on how to design a necklace and when it’s added to any attire, it’s bound to have an effect.

There are several types of necklaces, ranging from the contemporary Rani Haar, Chokers, name pendant, zodiac necklace to the age-old religious ones, solitaire and the marriage symbol- mangalsutra. 

The Indianised counterparts of the necklace are worn extensively in wedding ceremonies and are the most suitable bridal accessory. Wearing a Rani Haar with a simplistic gold choker necklace adds tremendous beauty to the look. Even religious pendants made of gold, in a unique style are quite eye-catching.

Necklaces are also worn by people who wish to try a minimalistic look which is made available through a simple golf or diamond chain. This adds a hint of glamour to your appearance.

Mangalsutra on the other hand occupies a major part of the Hindu Weddings, where the groom ties a necklace around the bride’s neck and which acts as a symbol of their marriage.

Polki Choker Necklace



The next in the line are earrings. They are not only known among women but also worn by men today, in the form of studs. 

High-ended Jewellery earrings give a perfect shape to your face. If you’re wondering, What is High-end Jewellery?, then here’s your answer – High-end are those jewellery pieces which are made of precious gemstones and materials with careful craftsmanship and are a product of some premium designer.

Earrings are available in Hoops, Balis, Drops, Hooks, Jacket Earrings, Jhumka, Cartilage, Chandelier, Studs and Men’s Style. These go well with various outfits. Especially, when wearing an item of Indian clothing, earrings, along with a necklace make the perfect look.

You just have to make sure the size of the earpiece is manageable to you and go for the longer and larger ones to have more of an influence. 

The Apollo Blue diamond earrings, worth $42 million, are the most expensive in the world. Overall too, earrings are very high in demand. When answering, what kind of jewellery is the most popular? Then earrings are an assured answer, followed by necklaces and pendants. 

Picture Source: India Netzone

Types of Earrings


Worn around the wrist, bracelets are more gender-neutral than any other jewellery piece. They can be worn as cuffs, flexible style, charms, haath phool, tennis bracelet and lastly, the stiff design.  

Gold and diamond kadas especially look stunning when worn with Indian attire. Cool and chic bracelets are also in vogue among western wear. The tennis bracelet especially complements both ethnic and non-ethnic clothes. 

Picture Source: Woman’s World

Tennis Bracelet


Worn largely in the Indian subcontinent, bangles adorn the wrist much like a bracelet. They are studded with diamonds mostly. We have all witnessed women, who decorate their hands with multi-coloured bangles in various styles and numbers.

For some communities, like the Sikh, it is a bride’s souvenir, part of their age-old customs. There are churs, clasping bangles or the daily wear ones. Bangles often act as a status quotient and are greatly valued in Hindu society. 

Picture Source: Kirandeep Photography

Sikh Style Bangles

Nath or Nose Pins

Don’t need to get a piercing! Nowadays, clip-on naths are available in abundance. A single diamond, bridal, septum, nose ring, screw nose pin, wire rose pin and non-piercing rings are some of the diverse nath designs. They accentuate the face and make your look dazzling. Naths of pretty diamond shapes is a good choice when looking to buy this accessory.


Picture Source: Shaadi Saga

Nath Design 


If there is one piece of jewellery that we can say has traced its way through the past, then it would surely be armlets. Placed on the upper arm, enveloping the arn much like a bracelet does a wrist, armlets are part of a detailed assortment of jewellery. Though you won’t think of it at the first instance, they too act as enhancing accessories.

Wearing a Gold or Silver armlet with your bridal look or any other ethnic look where your arms are bare will be attractive and arresting for the viewer. Armlets being an unexpected choice today, it is sure to radiate a sense of uniqueness and versatility to your look, upping your fashion quotient. 

Picture Source: Shaadi Shop 

Bridal Armlet

Belly Chain or Kamarband

Another delicate choice of jewellery type is the belly chain. Symbolic of wealth and power in the earlier times, the Kamarband is also believed to have been worn by Lord Krishna.

Wearing a Belly Chain with Anarkali or lehenga inculcates added grace and impact to the look. They are also made of gold or silver today and when worn, can only demonstrate royalty. 

Picture Source: Indian Wedding Site


Anklets or Payal

Payals have been something of the past though they have been getting steadily popular with new modernized designs being styled. Payals tend to make jingling sounds when worn due to the small bells attached to them. Wearing them with a salwar kameez where your ankle is visible, will beautify your look three-fold.

On the other hand, a simple gold and silver anklet can be worn with dresses, skirts and pants where your ankles are showing. This will add value to even a casual outfit and will be a change from the basic jewellery additions of earrings and pendants.  

Traditional dancers are often witnessed wearing Payal due to the sweet jingling beats produced by it.

Picture Source: My Wedding



Luxury ornamental use of hairpins helps magnify hairstyles. They are used to keep the hair intact or as decorative choices for the hair. Diamond studded hairpins ingrained with gold or designer Jadau or Polki hairpin work wonders, making your look dressy and intricate. They call attention to your hair and the hairstyle you have to go with it.  

Picture Source: Wedding Sutra

Versatile Hairpin Design


Finally, Adorned with prime gemstones, based on silver and gold texture, Brooches are used as pins that are placed on clothes. If you’re wearing a plain salwar or a simple blouse, wearing a pretty brooch with it, will escalate your attire’s overall appearance. It will look richer than would be expected otherwise. 

Pinning a dupatta with a brooch is also indicative of a high fashion statement or using it as the lehenga’s front pin is also a style dictate. 

 Pearl Brooch Design

What are the Jewellery Trends for 2021? 

When selecting your preferences from the several types of jewellery names mentioned, there are some jewellery trends to consider for this year. Wearing diamonds of various types is quite the trend today. Also, kamarbands are coming in style again. Pairing them up in the right manner, however, is important.

The vintage style jewellery is also in demand and is at par with the modern sets. You can check out our blog ‘The Biggest Fine Jewellery Trends of 2021’ to know about these trends in detail. The most important thing is to choose the types of jewellery stones rightly, as per your outfit and preference. 

On the other hand, when considering men’s jewelry, earrings, necklace, bracelets and rings are common ground. Moreover, cufflinks, tie bars and watches are some other crucial elements of men’s jewelry. Making gold bracelets or necklaces for men are signs of the status quo.

Even watches today are made of pure diamond or pure gold material for both men and women and are in demand. 

What’s more is that Indian jewellery acts as assets, with its value increasing every year. Buyers today tend to buy such accessories for their immense value along with their prime lavishness. Hence, getting Indian jewelleries bringing booming profits with their ageing. I guess that’s where the ‘Óld is Gold’ saying comes into play!

Lastly, we would like to tell you to mix and match accessories. It is all about having fun and experimenting, which will make you fall in love with them and actually elevate your look. Colour coordinate or go from contrasting options when styling because both have dazzling effects when worn. 


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