8 Trending Statement South Indian Jewellery

8 Trending Statement South Indian Jewellery
June 13, 2021 Vijay Soni Danwar

If there is one region in India that is famous for its cultural jewels, it is the South. South Indian Jewellery has made a different world unto itself when it comes to women’s accessories. The regalness or royalty that collaborates with these pieces is unmatched. Moreover, they enhance all kinds of looks and can be worn with all ethnic outfits with ease. 

Perhaps, that is why South Indian brides seem to re-enact beauty and grace. 


South Indian Jewellery Designs


There are several kinds of designs associated with this region of jewelry. 


Vintage South Indian Mango Styled Jewellery Set

 A signature piece, forms into an incredible necklace, earring, or bracelet, with a focus on the center. The center remains adorned with green and pinkish stones, imbibed into a gold structure. Also known as mango mala, such necklaces are quite popular among the brides of South India. 

An abundance of designs accompany the Mango necklace, they are: 


  • Mango paired with pearls: Attached to pearls along with its basic gemstones and gold. 
  • Royal Style: Adorned with rubies and emeralds, this kind of necklace is usually longer and thinner in comparison. 
  • Coin-shaped Mala: We have all seen coins, but what about coins shaped like mangoes? Uniformly structured, small mango-shaped gold, placed along with the entire necklace. This mala comes along with matching earrings which further enhances one’s look.


South Indian Jewellery

Coined Mango Mala

Image Source: Tvameva

  • The Modern Rose Gold: The latest South Indian jewellery designs include the use of rose gold instead of basic gold. This adds a sense of uniqueness and versatility to the accessory. It works wonders when used as a contrasting adornment with outfits. 
  • Intricately carved Piece: With very minute markings and attention to detail, this piece is made with intricacy consisting of emeralds and rubies. 
  • Neck Filling Style: An outstanding example of South Indian Jewellery, this style is quite impactful in nature. With a stem-like structure attached to every mango shape on the necklace, the neckpiece is extended and goes well with matching earrings and bracelets. 
  • Choker: Like any other jewellery design, the choker is a trending South Indian jewellery. It sticks to the neck, bringing the focus to it instantly by the creation of a significant value. 
  • Matt Finish: Yes! You heard it right. Even the traditional necklaces can be availed with a Matt finish. Not only do they look trendy with the ages, but also add an aura of excellence to your look.

Matt Finish Mango Neckpiece 

Image Source: Tvameva


Temple Style Jewellery Set

Now, we all have heard of the distinctive design of jewels, but exactly What is Temple Gold Jewellery?’ 

The Temple Style Jewellery is considered to be an indispensable wearable for South Indian brides and has slowly started gaining popularity in the entire country. They are available in a variety of structures, using motifs of Gods, Goddesses and holy symbols, such as a lotus or the figure of an animal. It is ideally constructed in Gold and is collared with semi-precious and precious materials like pearls and rubies.

Temple styles result in some of the crowd’s favorite South Indian jewellery sets. Necklaces, kamarbands, mathapathi, bangles, Kadas, and earrings are all available in such styles. 

Temple style choker 


This classical allure of the Temple Design dates back to the 9th century AD when the Chola and Pandyas reigned. It was only worn by the royalty during earlier eras but has increased in its influence far beyond over the years. In fact, the North Indian handling can be witnessed with this Style being available in cheaper Polki and Kundan textures rather than pure gold. 


With a belief that the Temple Style Jewellery is timeless and auspicious whenever worn, these jewellery sets are largely worn by the brides of South India who wish to grace themselves with the divine blessing on the most important days of their lives. 


Nakshi Jewellery

 Belonging from the jewellery background, we at Mahabir Danwar are often asked to provide some out-of-the-box designs. The Nakshi Jewellery is surely one of the first examples that come to mind. Though, What is Nakshi Jewellery?                                                                                                      Part of the sphere of temple designs but having a different identity unto itself, the Nakshi Jewellery is another kind of gold South Indian Jewellery. They are often referred to as Naga Jewellery. A completely unique structure, there can never be two nakshi jewelleries constructed in exactly the same manner.

Made from a sketch passed on by a jeweller, the Nakshi Jewellery is a carving that may take up to 20 days to be concluded. Used as a Kundan set in North India and gold in the South, it is a beautiful choice of accessories. Lord Ganesh, Lord Krishna, and Goddess Lakshmi are some common figurines to appear on Nakshi designs. 


Nakshi Neckpiece

Guttapusalu Haram Designer Sets

 It has been important and indispensable for women since the invention of jewellery, that they wear accessories for important functions and ceremonies. It’s either vital for their status, some religious belief, a fashion statement or remembrance of one’s lineage. 

The Guttapusalu Haram are jewellery sets made of pearls. These pearls are expertly attached to gold and kundan metal, making them highly exquisite in nature. 


There are several designs of the Guttapusalu Haram style. Let’s look into some of them:

  • Nagapadaga Lakshmi: An application of colorful stones on gold with the hanging of pearls by them, Nagabadaga Lakshmi is the perfect design to make your entire look emanate gracefully. 
  • Flower Structure Plus Gold Beaded: Adding further stature to your attire, the gold beaded Guttapusalu necklace and earrings are a force to be reckoned with.


Gold beaded Flower Guttapusalu necklace 


  • Traditional Guttapusalu: Made with the help of red, green and blue stones, to construct flower or peacock motifs. The traditional style jewels are also gold embedded. 
  • Thick Gold Motifs Set: A mixture of stones, pearls and temple style motifs or symbols are used to make this kind of heavy gold set, inspired from the Guttapusalu style. 
  • Chandbali Style Jewels: The jewelleries of this particular style are made in a moon or chand like form. From these forms, hang precious pearls and are further decorated with colourful stones to look more vibrant and fresh. 


Diamond based South Indian Jewellery Pieces

They say,

“Big girls need big diamonds.” – Elizabeth Taylor.                                                                     

 All this talk about Gold and Kundan jewels makes one wonder if the South Indians use other metals too. The answer is, Yes! A popular South Indian Jewellery set for weddings, the diamond array, is also quite in use. It is used to construct choker necklaces of varying designs, cocktail rings, and diamond mangalsutras which is also a thing in the South.


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Diamond Set


Moving on from the larger dissections of jewellery sets, let us look at unique individual pieces of accessories that are special and largely used in South India, as compared to the rest of the country. 

Mathapathi, is a head decoration, accessorizing head areas, small and large. It can be made from any material, whether it may be kundan, gold, diamond, or polki. The above-mentioned Temple, Mango and Guttapusalu styles can all be made into mathapathis that complement your entire look.

The mathapathi often goes along with a maang tikka to bring focus on the bride’s head along with the other jewelled parts. It largely helps elevate your bridal look. The maang-tikkas in the South is most popularly known as nethi chuttis. 


South Indian mathapathi 


Another choice of jewellery that is especially used in the South extravagantly as compared to the other areas of the country is the Kamarband. Worn delicately around the waist, it is used as a sari holder, a religious symbol, or just simply for appearance purposes. 

The women of South India have an especially great taste in kamarbands and carry them with style whenever used. Irrespective of the modernization of its designs, the South Indian jewellery sets for weddings, majorly consist of kamarbands. The most basic is the temple-styled gold kamarband which is used by not only brides but the simpler designs are often worn with any simpler ethnic outfit.

The next in line is the stunning Diamond Kamarbands with a pearl at the center. The third famous South Indian kamarband style is the gold belts. These jewelleries have the appearance of cloth-made belts, though they are actually made of gold.


Temple Style Kamarband made of Gold



 Engulfing the wrists, bracelets are an accessory slowly growing bleak in the Northern parts of the country, having been replaced by the use of bangles. The South Indian jewellery bracelets like most other jewellery pieces can be worn in the temple or nakshi style with motifs of Gods and Goddesses, or peacock designs, with the addition of precious and semi-precious stones. 

Diamond Kadas are also very welcomed in the ceremonies of the South. These are available in lighter or heavier forms, as the need appears. 



What is mathapathi or maang-tika?

  • The jewellery worn on the head is called a mathapathi or maang-tika. 


What Nakshi means?

  • The word Nakshi means ‘Carving’.


Is Kundan expensive than gold?

  • Kundan jewellery can be expensive, though when compared with a pure gold piece, a Kundan set of the same carat gold is cheaper than its pure gold counterpart. 


Which gold is best in India?

  • The 24K gold is the purest gold out there, with a consistency of 99.95%.



With the popularity of South Indian jewels increasing, you should get your hands on them as soon as possible. The relevance of these kinds of jewelry is going to last for a long time. Since jewellery is such a valuable investment that affords returns over time, there are no regrets attached to these buyouts. 

If you’re planning to try – South Indian jewellery online shopping, then you can contact us and book an easy Live Video Call Session with our experts. You can additionally select your favorite designs and get lasting recommendations that will make your bridal, as well as other ceremonial outfits, appear to be commendable always. 


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