101 Guide on Polki Jewellery

101 Guide on Polki Jewellery
August 13, 2021 Vijay Soni Danwar
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Polki jewellery is likely to pique your interest if you’re captivated by the beautiful, opulent jewels worn by Indian regal women throughout heritage. Polki is among some of the major known jewellery designs, having been introduced to Asia by the Mughal empire. Since it arrived in India with the Mughals, it has been an integral element of Hinduism for centuries. 


Polki is a raw, uncut, and unpolished diamond that is utilized devout of physicochemical treatment. As a result, the gems have an incomplete appearance that gives them a ton of personality. Polki is an extremely popular accessory because it is a genuine diamond, rendering Polki items highly costly. Polki jewellery is passed down through the generations in several households.

Polki gear has a long history and is associated with nobility, so even if you’ve not viewed one, you’ve certainly heard of it. It exudes luxury, class and splendour, and it’s not a subtle accessory to use, but a standout item with the ability to turn an item of average clothing into a classy ensemble.

Image courtesy: Kripalani Jewellery

Polki Style Necklace and Earring

The Making of Polki Jewellery

Polki accessories are produced by combining gold sheets and lac to embed uncut diamonds with gold jewels. This type of ornament is commonly referred to as Jadau, the Hindu term for “embedding.” The diamonds are mounted on an absolute gold film, which gives it a dazzling gleam when reflected light and constructs into a flawless piece of jewellery. 

Where can you find Polki Designs?

The Johari market in Jaipur is the finest spot to find genuine Polki jewels. Rajasthan is a great place to get these valuable stones. However, if you do not wish to go that far, you can get premium Polki options at Mahabir Danwar Jewellers. Book a Call with us to know more.

Types of Polki Designs:- 

Kundan Polki Designs

Kundan is a type of gold accessory that is created from the truest state of metal. It is the name of the framework that surrounds the gemstones. Polki diamonds are uncut and unprocessed. Kundan-Polki jewellery is created when Polki gems are placed in a protective shell of Kundan.

These are exquisite and expensive choices due to the mix of premium metals of unique quality being mixed together. Necklaces, earrings, rings and Kamarbandhs are all types of jewellery that can be availed of in these designs.

Gold plated Polki Necklace

Diamond Polki Jewellery Designs

A look of elegance, perfectly crafted for the brides of India, this is a versatile piece of accessory meant to raise standards whenever worn. 

With the basic construction of Polki jewellery being made with uncut diamonds, all such jewellery has a diamond shine and lustre, catching the eyes of people around. The finest and smoothest gold is pounded into thin sheets and mushed over diamonds and jewels. This is one of the earliest techniques of jewellery creation.

The Polki diamond Jhumkas are especially a popular choice that is trending today made with colourful emeralds and rubies. 

Image Courtesy: Wedding Wire

Diamond Polki Set

Ruby Polki Jewellery

Available in several forms whether they may be necklaces, earrings or noserings. 

Especially, a Ruby Polki pearls neckpiece was created in the style of a regal bridal gown. It is created in gold with rubies, south-sea pearls, and raw diamonds. This Polki jewellery item is a great combination of an uncut gem, genuine ruby allure, and 22-carat yellow gold, making it a great pick for any sort of bridal dress.

The way a Polki choker is adorned with precious gems, sapphires, and south sea pearls adds a modern yet classic feel to such a piece of Polki jewellery. The choker’s organic form is appealing and beautiful, thanks to the flawless usage of 22-carat gold and sapphires.

Their rings are a trending choice for women attending traditional functions, enhancing their fingers and attire all at once. 

Ruby Hued Bridal Polki Choker Necklace

Rose-Cut Polki Style 

A tender colour, very exquisite and precious when worn, the Rose-Cut Polki designed premium jewellery looks best when worn as rings. A flowery creative pattern is fashioned into the Rose-Cut Polki band. In twenty-two carat light brown gold, this Polki ring is adorned with rubies and jagged flat diamonds. A rich floral arrangement of rubies surrounds an uncut plain diamond with some other outside ring of Polkis, giving this ring its beautiful look. It’s a great match for your formal garb.

The contrast between the Rose-Cut and a classical Polki seems to be the layout of facets, that are rather curved in contrast to the plain ones in Polki. Furthermore, as opposed to Polki, the throne part is relatively tiny.

Image Source: Jaypore

Rose-Cut Polki Ring

English Polki Diamonds

With the marvel of Polki designs spreading beyond borders, there has been witnessed a presence of English Polki Diamonds in the 2000s. 

The English Polki Gems are rough diamonds that have a small vertical dome. These resemble Polki jewels in nature, although not as smooth as conventional Polki diamonds. These gems are found in antiquity and are mostly found in one-of-a-kind jewellery. These gemstones are known for their unique forms and hues. Polki also has a distinct following among jewellers, yet English Polki is less smooth than the regular one, making it uncommon and also a crowd favourite.

Image Source: Gia

English Polki Diamond Bracelet

Maintenance of Polki 

If you’re wondering How to clean Polki jewellery? Or How to Maintain Polki Jewellery? Then, here are all the answers you need. Polki jewellery requires a lot of upkeep since it sheds its lustre when introduced to damp or dirt. Avoid storing your important possessions in the velvety covers which they are delivered inside, to preserve them.

Instead, store them in sealed bags and cover them with baking sheets or cotton to hold the dampness out. Maintain your jewellery free of any source of heat, whether directly or indirectly. Warmth can damage the stone’s base, which is sensitive to temperature, creating colour and form changes. Avoid dampness and confined conditions for extended periods, for instance, lockers, and boxes of satin or leather material. 

Store all jewellery in separate containers to avoid damages caused by one diamond colliding with another. Rinse the Polki in warm water alongside a little cleanser to make it shine. Must use lukewarm non-detergent-filled wash wipes to rinse the parts and brush them dry using a soft towel to keep them sparkling for extended periods. Because Polki and Kundan items are often very susceptible to moisture, keep them dry at all times. 

Make an appointment with your jeweller at a minimum each year to get your valuable settings inspected for indications of corrosion or loosened prongs. You can Contact Us at Mahabir Danwar to get it checked by our professionals. 

Return or Resale Value of Polki Jewellery

The need for Polki is constantly strong in the world market due to its uncut character. The quality and sale price are maintained, and it is also viewed as a positive investment. It does have some disadvantages, though, because the gold value in all of these pieces is rather low, as it is just used to construct the frameworks, which are then covered with lacquer from the inside.

A few jewellers, on the other hand, inlay gold on the rear of the item since it would significantly enhance its price. Instead of looking for anything fashionable merely to stay at pace with the trends, it’s a fine decision to go for classic patterns which will be in vogue even in ten years.

Buying and selling while rearranging your gold and jewels is not a smart idea since you only receive ninety percent of the money back when you sell them, and you lose around ten percent each time you restore or trade them.

Polki Jewellery

Polki Bridal Necklace

What is the difference between Kundan and Polki Jewellery?

Creating Kundan and Polki sets is a time-consuming as well as complicated procedure that necessitates a high level of expertise and workmanship. These are both works of art that date back several centuries. Polki is a popular Rajasthani accessory style. While Kundan jewellery goes way back to the Mughal generation’s splendour.

People often get confused between Kundan and Polki Jewellery, though Polki jewellery is comparatively different from Kundan designs. Made of uncut diamonds and available in the most natural forms, with high diamond and gold jewellery content. For these reasons, Polki is more expensive and valued than Kundan. It is also heavier than the latter.

On the other hand, the process of making the Kundan jewellery is much longer and more intense when compared to the Polki counterpart. The Kundan gold design can include either precious or semi-precious stones. Whereas the traditional Kundan gear is created out of pure gold. There also seems to be a plethora of fake Kundan jewellery alternatives to choose from that won’t break the bank.

Polki and Kundan Sets


Polki jewellery is as diverse as they get. With a unique style and structure, it is a piece of valuable accessory in the Indian country. In order to know more, or check out a beautiful collection of the Polki assortment, you can Contact Us or Book a Free Video Consultation with us, at Mahabir Danwar, India’s most trusted jewellers.

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