Must Wear Diamond Jewellery – A Stand Out Look

Must Wear Diamond Jewellery – A Stand Out Look
January 29, 2022 Vijay Soni Danwar
Must Wear Diamond Jewellery

For various people, a Diamond piece of Indian Jewellery might have different meanings. It may be simply an additional item for some, but it is a form of self-expression for others. Express that by standing out with some Must wear Diamond Jewellery 

Why then do think the newlywed husbands and wives treasure their Wedding Jewellery so much? That’s because the ring represents a decade of companionship. Then there are all the items of jewels that you reserve for special occasions and festivals but don’t use on a routine basis.

Among the most enjoyable components of going to a party, according to those who enjoy it, is getting dressed up for it. The distinctions keep pouring well after the celebration is over if you can dress to impress. Clothing at a celebration may appear straightforward, however, if you want to set out, you should keep up with the recent style trends.

Party clothes ought to be fashionable and comfy to allow a free movement of dance swaying, singing, and also having a fine experience. The very same principle applies to your jewels, handbags, and sandals.

Captivating Diamond gear quickly converts a terrific dress into something that captivates. Because diamonds are so adaptable, including a few items of valuable fine diamond accessories in your collection may help you relax, particularly when it comes to finding the perfect accent for your attire.

Here are some trending pieces of must wear diamond jewellery that will go perfectly with your Indian outfits:

Diamond Choker Necklace

Choker has met all criteria for the classic Indian woman who is continuously speaking her narrative via the items she wears, despite being one of the most amorphous trends thus far.

There are numerous choker designs to choose from, including Kundan, Diamond, Gold, and Silver. However, a diamond necklace does have its charm.

Diamond chokers are the demonstrative eye-catchers of the season. Diamonds aren’t ever overlooked.

Combine this with a sweetheart neckline gown for a glitzy style similar to Priyanka Chopra’s bridal outfit, or with an ethnic saree and high done hair, similar to actress Deepika Padukone. They’ll get people’s attention and place you in the limelight.

The chokers hug your neck and accentuate your neck most gracefully. 

Precious Diamond Ring

Finger band rings are one of the most simple and captivating pieces of jewellery, as well as a basic stylish item that will never go out of style. Many individuals who aren’t like wearing jewellery prefer them since they are simple, comfortable, and come in a wide range of prices, styles, and materials to pick from.

Rings are delicate and valuable, and they certainly give refinement to an ensemble and personality. But what many of us may not realize is that finger ring jewellery comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and each one has its specific importance or charm. Diamond rings are available in several shapes, whether they be princess-cut, oval, round, cushion, heart or emerald.

These are highly in demand among millennials, who exchange valuable diamond rings on wedding days as well as wear these as a status quotient on their special day.

The shine of these rings catches the eye of all those who lay eyes on them.

Versatile Diamond Studs

If you believe nose studs are too ethnic and don’t mix with western clothing at a celebration, you’ll be shocked to find that you shouldn’t have to wear them. Diamond nostril pegs come in a wide range of forms, including petals and stars. One of the most attractive qualities of these diamond-made nose pins is that they go well with both ethnic and western outwear. 

To make striking jewellery, the nose clips blend precious stone and metallic materials such as rose gold, yellow gold, and platinum. To achieve a dramatic and striking style, choose larger and more obviously formed nose pins rather than tiny ones.

Long Diamond Necklace

It is said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend. In contrast to other coloured stones and crystals, diamonds are a must-have for women because of their outstanding brilliance! Diamonds are measured in carats, with 200 milligrammes equaling one carat. The cost rises as the size increases. So do remember this fact if you want bigger stones!

Though, longer necklaces don’t always have to be expensive. You can go for the more sombre pendant neckpiece jewellery. 

A diamond solitaire necklace is a fashionable item of jewellery that has been fashionable for centuries and will stay to be like this for several years. It is praised for its purity, maintained for its allure, and loved for its agelessness. The diamond solitaire pendant is a purchase that will last for several generations.

Keep track of the diamond cut on the pendant when opting for such a purchase, Contact Us at Mahabir Danwar.

Timeless Tennis Bracelet

 Quite a few pieces of jewellery may be worn on any occasion, and bracelets are among them. It’s nearly hard to wear a bracelet and not feel like it’s out of place. Just a few bands, namely tennis bracelets, are capable of producing such an impact.

Tennis wristbands have that appeal around them that often these bracelets will not have. These are, in most situations, the sorts of jewellery that are deemed ageless. And, most of all, they are welcome to accompany you to any event.

You may wear the bracelets whether you’re attending a wedding or a professional event.

So among the initial things you’ll want to learn about the band is why it’s called a tennis bracelet. This bracelet does not appear to be a tennis bracelet at first glance. Although the look isn’t very “tennisy,” there’s a purpose behind the moniker.

The diamonds line wristband is another name for the bracelet that you may use to distinguish it. The bracelet is a tiny item of jewellery with matching diamond motifs. Tennis bracelets are so named because of the rhythmic symmetry of the pattern.

The term derives from a great tennis player who lost her bracelet during a game at the US Open. 

A tennis bracelet is highly in demand in the 2000s and is often adorned as daily wear by married women.

Fancy Diamond Bangles 

Another item of jewellery has arrived to debunk the misconception about party jewellery. Many people wouldn’t think of donning bangles to a celebration, but who said you had to wear thousands of them?

Without raising any questions, a striking diamond bracelet should be enough to complement your overall party attire. Diamond bangles are an incredible asset to your wardrobe and a great accent for your dress and heels because of the exquisite design and skilled workmanship that goes into manufacturing these magnificent trinkets.

Bangles are an important part of Indian conventional jewellery. It is quite popular, especially for females. They are commonly worn as a sign of wedding after weddings. Single girls, on the other hand, are now sporting bangles with traditional and modern outfits. Bangles come in a variety of styles and are known by various names in different parts of the world. The term “bangle” is derived from the Hindi word “bungri,” which means “glass.” Bangles are spherical and can be made of several materials including plastic, diamonds, gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals.

In an Indian intimate ceremony, diamond bracelets are the most traditional and well-known jewellery. It is an important aspect of Indian practices and rituals, and it is typical to see a young wife during her wedding. Mahabir Danwar, a hub for premium gold and diamond bangles, is the ideal place to go if you’re looking for unique and lovely diamond jewellery.

Diamond Hair Jewellery 

When it comes to wearing accessories to a party, hair jewellery is a popular choice. Lovely diamond hairpins may completely change your appearance in a matter of seconds. These hair assortments will stand out even more if you wear your hair up in a bun or knot.

Diamond hairpins look great with a variety of formal wear and outfits. If you want your profile to seem contoured, opt for large and graceful danglers. If you have a tiny face, rounder diamond danglers will suffice.

Sometimes brides use earrings or Jhumkas to decorate the hair if they don’t want to go all out and get separate Indian hair jewellery. 


Hence, these are the different varieties of diamond jewellery that are versatile as well as not very ordinary, providing you with a distinctive look that collaborates with the dynamic trends of today. 

To know more, you can Book a Free Video Consultation with our experts at Mahabir Danwar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Which diamond is best for jewellery?

  • Round-shaped diamonds are the best and most popularly bought diamond jewellery, followed by oval shapes.

Q- How much does diamond jewellery cost?

  • Diamond jewellery prices differ according to the amount of carat it entails. The more the diamond carat, the higher the price of the jewellery piece. 

Q- Are diamonds cheap in India?

  • Yes, the cheapest country for diamond sales is India, followed by China, Dubai, Thailand, and Belgium. These are the least expensive since they slice the majority of the globe’s diamonds. As a result, there is no premium due to shipping or store markup.

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