Latest Indian Jewellery Designs

Latest Indian Jewellery Designs
August 27, 2021 Vijay Soni Danwar

In the current world of fashion and trends, pieces of jewellery have acquired a special place in the hearts of every generation. Even though the fetish for the best and Latest Indian Jewellery Designs has been persistent in India since ancient times, Jewelleries in the modern-day world have turned into a rage of new glamour. There’s a resurgence of elegance, where women want to shine in their style and the different jewel pieces which they pair with their outfits symbolize their personality and choice.

Traditionally jewellery has been considered the representation of one’s prestige, wealth and power, which at times held emotional values as well. But with time it’s worth the lives of people have changed into much more than that. Jewellery in the past few decades has turned into the depiction of soigné appearance and a satisfactory feeling, alongside its artistic expression and cultural diversity. 

Jewellery can highlight a women’s personality like nothing else and can bring out the best features when worn as the right jewel piece on the right occasion. A stunning piece of jewellery can not only accentuate the outfit and look but also is known for being able to reduce stress and regulate body temperature according to the metal and gemstones that it contains.

Hence it can be easily considered that the right choice of jewellery is all that matters to bring the best out of one’s grace and beauty.  Keeping in mind all of that, the craftsmen are trying out their best combinations and experiments with modern-day jewel pieces. Matching up with the love of extravagant festivals and occasions of Indians, the newest designs are being turned more authentic yet, without losing the charm of antique pieces of wearable art.

The ‘riot of colours’ expressed through unusual combinations and vibrant juxtaposition of gemstones coming together have given the designers an even richer canvas to paint on. With all that being said it is clear that the jewellery in the current and upcoming years will be anything but boring. 

So let’s look at some of the latest Indian jewellery designs that are being widely appreciated:-

A Polki Wardrobe

Polki flower diamond Kante

The chic diamond Kante necklaces are currently on-trend. This piece of necklace contains floral Polki elements with a border of diamonds which has a youthful appeal in its style. Each motif is intricately strung together to enhance this transcending piece. Paired with the cocktail stud earrings with polkis and diamonds this slim piece of necklace is the perfect piece of jewellery to pull off the modern-day aesthetic look. 

Latest Jewellery Designs

Cocktail Rings

These rings usually have an oversized centre stone or a lot of small stones in their settings. The gemstones in cocktail rings are the main focus of attention which is typically a large, flamboyant and pronounced piece of jewellery worn on the middle finger or fourth finger of the right hand. These statement rings are a must-have in the wardrobe. If you’re going to any other party big, rings can give your hands a great look.  Currently, the cocktail rings with emeralds and rubies are more popular. 

Designer Cuffs and Bracelets

Popular bracelets are usually also very versatile and can be combined with many personal styles, so one can safely implement them into their style and wardrobe. Instead of typical bangles, many brides today are going for bracelets and cuffs. Fitted cuffs with intricate designs can go best for the reception look. Designer cuffs have gold, diamond, and platinum designs available in the market.

Latest Ring Designs

Bridal Polki, Diamond and Ruby Chokers

Mostly, brides go for traditional Kundan and Polki sets but now they are switching to more exquisite combinations of diamond and ruby chokers made in the Polki design necklace sets that look timeless as well as delicate around the necks. Nowadays these choker necklaces are booming in sales and look stunning with any beautiful Indian or western outfit. 

Polki Emerald Jadau Choker and Ring

This necklace is a masterpiece curated by the best craftsmen into a captivating design. This choker necklace has the perfect balance of Polki diamonds, emeralds and south sea pearl drops intricately crafted in the Jadau jewel-making process. Creating a perfect blend of traditional and modern jewellery designs this necklace is perfect for every occasion. When teamed up with a matching cocktail Polki diamond ring, this can give out the best of its beautiful look. 

Polki and Emerald Long Jhumkas

Talking about jewellery and not mentioning Jhumkas is not possible. Among one of the most popular and graceful pieces of earrings for decades there are variant versions of it. But the trending one currently is the long dangling Polki Jhumkas with emeralds embedded along the long chains or in the bottom layers. 

Kundan and South-Indian Jewellery

Tassel drop pearl haram

This trendy pearl necklace has a bunch of pearl string haram paired with different Kundan pendants adorned with tassel drops. This can be worn paired with ethnic wear and traditional festivals. 

Lakshmi Navaratna Guttapusalu

The exquisite and delicate Navaratna Guttapusalu necklace is embedded with handset Navaratna stones set surrounded by sparkling golden designs. This is a unique combination of Lakshmi motifs from Temple jewellery and the Guttapusalu drops fused in one simple neckpiece. 

Antique Kundan Peacock Nakshi Haram

The antique peacock Kundan Nakshi haram long chain with two-step floral design pendant contains red and white Kundan adorned all over the haram and lotus flowers decorated. Small gold balls hanging at the bottom are decorated alongside rubies, emeralds and uncut diamonds. 

Antique Chaandbalis

Chaandbali’s over the past few years have become everyone’s favourite jewel piece. The regal ambience in the Mughal courtyards can be felt with these incredibly gorgeous Chaandbalis found in the huge variety with the fine filigree work is every bit a tribute to the sophistication of the Royal era.
As its name suggests this piece of earring consists of the thin motif of full or crescent moon shapes with the pearls or other precious stones that line the moons temper down the grandeur to bring softness and allure to this irresistible pair of earrings Matched with oversize Maang tikkas these are the most beautiful pairings.

One can try out a wide range of semi-precious gemstones, pearl, Kundan, Polki, and Jadau Chaandbali’s. All these are in the current trend and can be seen being adorned by almost everyone.

Tiered Shoulder Earrings

Eardrop tiered earrings and shoulder dust earrings are in great trend these days. Every girl is opting for elongated earrings. Often shaped like a chandelier, these long earrings’ designs add great beauty to one’s outfit.

These beautiful earrings can be adorned as exclusive party wear collections. Keeping in mind that the new age ladies want masterpieces for their jewellery collections; shoulder dust is a must with their wide range of designs and colour options. Whether it’s diamond, gold, or silver these are must-haves in the wedding season. 

Lotus Design Earrings

The Lotus symbol has gained a symbolic status. The flower signifies the conquest of pure impure. You can now find lotus blossom motifs over almost every piece of jewellery. Individually also, the lotus motif jewellery has been there since the old times.

But currently, there can be found small and big different modern customized Lotus shaped earrings neckpiece sets with designs, coloured jewels in lotus cuts which can be worn as a piece of regular jewellery as well. 

Lotus Earing

Gold and Pearl Drop Earrings

A perfect mix of modern as well as contemporary designs can be found in the collections of gold drop earrings. These are danglers that use golden chains mostly that pass through the ear lobes and come to rest equally on both sides. These are also popularly known as ‘sui dhaga earrings.’

Whenever one feels like to be confident, elegant, classic yet modern then there is nothing better than a pair of pearl drop earrings. They look so glam but still appropriate for casual looks. In addition, you can wear them to your most unforgettable moments like your wedding day or prom nights. 

Perfect for Bride’s Jewellery

Anklet Bridal Jewellery

The delicate anklets jingling in on the feet have always been a special charm of one of many jewellery pieces that originated in India. Also, the bridal anklet is the most important piece of jewellery that an Indian bride has to wear. So keeping the heavy big and bold in mind various heavy anklets and Pajeb designs are trending these days. 

Designer Kaleera

Amidst the numerous bridal pieces of jewellery that have been trending these days is the designer Kaleera. Customized Kaleerein is probably the biggest trend every bride is going to opt for on her wedding day.

Inspired by several Bollywood celeb’s “storytelling Kaleerein” as it is being called. Nowadays many stylish and designer Kaleera are also being available. One can choose from the wide variety of customized Kaleera which tells their story. 

Bridal Waistbelts

Waistbelts have been a common traditional bridal jewellery in the South Indian bridal attire but currently, the bridal waistbelts have become more prominent in use than they were back in time. Every bride from all over the country is adorning waistbelts matching with their Anarkalis, lehengas and dresses.
Waistbelts hold the dupatta in place letting the bride meet and greet people with more ease. But also they are currently an important part of bridal fashion. Some brides even opt for waistbelts made of this fabric as of their outfit over which they add another layer of jewel waistbelt to complete the look. 


The hath Phool — a form of hand harness that directly translates to ‘flower of the hand’ — is no different. The quintessential design for the Hath Phool typically consists of a wrist bracelet that is attached to a circular ornament or medallion resting on the back of the palm (the ‘Phool’) by chains or beaded strands.

This is then connected to the five fingers where a mirror ring (Arsi) might be attached. When a modern jewellery aesthete thinks of the hath Phool today, the associations are many — from a free-spirited bohemian sensibility to a red-carpet-ready glamour.

To say the fewer Hathphools have become a popular trend and are being constructed in several different designs and a variety of gemstones are being used. From monochrome to a multi-coloured Hathphool each can raise the beauty and elegance of the wearer’s hand. Brides can go for the pearl, Polki, Kundan-made Hathphool designs. 

Coral String Diamonds Pendants

One common piece of jewellery that is also popular for a less extravagant and subtle look is the coral string diamond pendants. This is a piece of coral string attached to a diamond pendant with an intricate Navaratna setting done over it. 

Beaded Indian Choker Neckpieces

 Almost everything that is once adorned by the fashionistas is in Vogue in recent times. One such eminent jewellery option is the Beaded Indian choker necklaces. The multiple thin chains of beads attached to the centrepiece of stones ( often studded with a large stone in the centre) adorn the neck of the wearer beautifully. It can be called a simple and elegant piece of jewellery.

Apart from this, there can also be seen in popular trends the Vanki armlets, everyday diamond bangles, elephant motif Lakshmi haram, Maang tikas, Naths, rani haars, stack bangle sets, Matha Patti, and much more. 


Different pieces of jewellery symbolize different messages such as wisdom, security, elegance and prosperity. It holds a special place in the history and traditions of India.

Many women like to wear them to symbolize femininity and their features. While wearing jewellery makes women feel proud of themselves, confident and beautiful. The designs of the variant pieces of jewellery are very important for both the buyer and the seller.

But, most importantly these accessories with time have become a very important part of our society and to continue the legacy of this intricate craftsmanship and artistry the artisans and designers are bringing out the ethnicity of jewel pieces and balancing that with the modern experimentation to make more unique and exclusive pieces.

Studded with exquisite gems jewel pieces blends perfectly with all different types of attires. It can be considered as a luxury that seamlessly blends with comfort. While the unique blend of modern and traditional jewellery-making designs can make heads turn.

With all these special qualities it is no wonder that the jewellery trends keep coming back from the time being, keeping up the love for pieces of jewellery within the people intact. And this all is what keeps the variant trends of Jewellery surfacing at different times.

With the vibrant eye-catching colours and shining beauty and popularity amongst the buyers; these pieces of trending Jewellery seem to be in the trend for a long period and will probably remain timeless with their evergreen charm. 

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