12 Types of Kamarbandh Jewellery (with Styling tips)

12 Types of Kamarbandh Jewellery (with Styling tips)
July 16, 2022 Vijay Soni Danwar
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Jewellery exists in all forms and sizes and can glorify every part of the wearer from head to toe. There’s an endless list of the variety of decorative ornaments that we call jewellery to adorn

and accentuate our beauty but if one is looking for one of the most gracious pieces of jewellery that have both a traditional and modern vibe to it then it is the classic Indian Kamarbandh jewellery.

Kamarbandhs are jewellery worn across the waistline and is also known as belly chains. Traditionally kamarbandhs were made of gold and precious gemstones, and were worn to keep the sarees and lehengas in place, but in the current times there’s a huge variety of materials and designs available as options and can be paired according to the specific western, traditional or Indo -western outfits.

This jewellery hails down from the ancient times of the Indus valley civilization and has been a consistent part of Indian history yet it never went out of fashion and still happens to maintain its attraction and charm amidst the fashionistas. If you’re a jewellery lover then this is a must-have for your collection of pieces of jewellery for go-to fashion choices. Kamarbandh pieces of jewellery despite being jewellery for the waistline contain the power to glorify an entire look if worn properly. With the perfect chic waist chain, you can create an unparalleled fashion statement to amplify the glam factor.

There are various styles and types of Kamar bandh available in the market and it’s very important to choose the right type to create the perfect look one’s looking for.

Differnt Kinds of Kamar Bandhs

Kundan Kamarbandhs

One of the most popular jewellery from the different centuries with its evergreen fanbase, the Kundan jewellery, no doubt also has its specifically designed exquisite Kundan Indian kamarbandh jewellery. This is a perfect choice for girls and brides who wish to have a royally aesthetic look. The different floral and other intricate designs of the Kundan kamarbandh jewellery look elegant and exude a proper ethnic look. One can don this gorgeous waist chain at any wedding-related function and stand out looking gorgeous in any outfit.

Gold Kamarbandh

Gold Kamarbandh

Pearl Kamarbandhs

The shining sea beauties are a beautiful choice for any kind of jewellery one’s looking for, but when it comes to pearl kamarbandhs jewellery, they add the perfect sense of elegance to the overall look. It can be some simple gowns and dresses for a party or traditional attire these are perfect for enhancing the glamour and fashion statement of any ethnic look.

These can be beautiful waist chains that can be worn with sarees or even lehengas. There’s also a wide range of styles in which they are available, you can pick a simple single-stranded pearl belly chain or can go for a multi-layered Kamar bandh. If you are wearing a simple traditional outfit, you should ideally choose a multi-layered stone-studded pearl kamarbandh.

South Indian Kamarbandhs or vaddanam

Kamarbandhs are important and must bridal jewellery for South Indian brides. The South Indian Kamarbandhs is also known as vaddanams are mostly made of gold and with heavy intricate patterns of floral, animal or goddess Lakshmi motifs in them. These are usually also adorned with precious gemstones or diamonds in some cases. They look the best when paired with similar earrings and other jewelry pieces that are worn.

Bengali Kamarbandhs

Much like the popular vaddanam of South India, the Bengali Kamar bandh (waist ornament) features an elaborate yet simple design and is adorned with floral motifs carved in gold. 

Most of the time the kamarbandh includes interlocked circular chains layered horizontally one above another with a coin-like patterned gold motif in between forming a belt-like ornament. 

Sometimes there are also floral or peacock-designed hangings across the main chain of the Kamar bandh.

Bridal Kamarbandh

Bridal Kamarbandh

Zardosi Kamarbandhs

The Zardosi kamarbandhs as the name suggests are made of vibrantly coloured cloth belts with intricate Zardosi work on them. These waist chains are perfect to amplify the look of your traditional outfit. It is perfect for brides who are looking for ornaments to increase the beauty quotient of their gorgeous outfits. The Zardosi waist chains are available in various patterns and colours. Opting for a vibrant kamarbandh like this would bring all the attention to your curvy waistline.

Multi-coloured Navaratan kamarbandhs

Made with the classic South Indian navaratan jewellery making technique by using nine different types of precious metals and gemstones these multi-coloured Navratan Kamarbandh looks drop-dead- gorgeous if worn properly. Choosing this exquisite ornament with even a plain saree can create a stunning look. To amp up your style quotient, we suggest donning beautiful Navratan earrings along with the matching kamarbandh. If your outfit is simple, then go for heavy Navratan Kamarbandh to accentuate the overall look.

Gold metal belt Kamarbandhs

For the one whose style is more inclined towards the latest trends, then you might have a special place in your heart for the Gold Metal Belt. These trendy versions of kamarbandhs are perfect for all the fashionistas who desire to flaunt an off-beat look at any function. The chic and elaborate design of this waist chain makes it perfect for a traditional as well as any modern outfit.

Gold plated ghungroo Kamarbandhs

This a traditional Indian kamarbandh jewellery that’s popular with classical dance attires and wedding looks of a North Indian bride which includes a chain of gold plated belts laden with numerous gold ghungroos or mini round bells which create a tinkling or chan-chan musical sound during movements. This particular design of kamarbandh looks good with traditional saree outfits.

Crystal Kamarbandhs

What can be better than a bunch of dazzling Crystals lining across one’s waistline complementing the outfit and the waist? This is for sure an extremely elegant choice which is capable of exuding both a royal and simple look. Crystal Waist Chains have gained loads of popularity in the present times and are appreciated by several fashion influencers. If you want to add more shine and classiness to your looks this is the best choice.

Light weighted Indian Kamarbandh jewellery

Light-weighted Indian Kamarbandh jewellery

Silver Kamarbandh

Silver always speaks volumes about your taste, style and personality. As silverware pieces of jewellery are on the trending charts the grandiose silver kamarbandh can be added to an outfit to make it more trendy and funk in a flawless way. The timeless antique silver kamarbandhs can be worn on any occasion to rock a look or even for making everyday saree styling more fun.

Emerald kundan kamarbandhs

For a bride looking for a regal antique look, one must add elements that are known to add that high-fashion vibe to their bridal appearance. And for this Kundan and emerald kamarbandh is the best choice. The bright green glittering emeralds and royal Kundan work, bring attention to the midriff by adding this stylish piece. The multilayer style of this kamarbandh enhances the outfits even better.

Designer Kamarbandh jewellery

Designer Kamarbandh jewellery

Diamond kamarbandhs

If you’re someone who loves glitters and glamour in your outfits then diamond kamarbandhs are the perfect match for you. The exquisitely arranged sparkling diamonds aligned across the outfit’s waistline can carry the whole look without any questions. Diamond kamarbandhs can be found in a variety of designs and cuts in varying styles and different metal attachments to them. 

These kamarbandhs look flawless with the lehengas Or sarees with a great pair of matching earrings and neckpiece to complete the final look.

Kamarbandh pieces of jewellery not only have an array of types Or designs but also have a variety of different styles in which they are found. As much as it is important to look for the perfect type of kamarbandhs designs to pair with the outfit it’s equally important to choose the right designs accordingly as well.

Common KamarBandh Jewellery styles

Dangling Kamarbandhs

The dangler style or dangling kamarbandh is a multilayered kamarbandh jewellery style in which there are several thin jewelled chains of different designs hanging down in the front and back of the waist, while all the chains are attached to the sides of the main first chain on the midriff. This style of kamarbandh jewellery is the most popular one and can be found in amazing designs in pearl, gold, silver, diamond, Kundan, emerald, etc.

Sporting a beautiful dangling kamarbandh is the ultimate way to either show off your curves or hide your less-than-shapely waist. Different layers adorning your waist will look highly versatile and complement your traditional look set in the modern era. Going for an enchanting and aesthetic design will help you get decked up in a truly ethnic way to walk down the aisle.

Designer piece Kamarbandhs

One of the hottest trends this season is the jewellery waist belts in a contemporary and coveted pattern like flowers, peacocks, buds and leaves. The edgy and not-so-traditional chains offer their wearer a transformational look.

This style includes a single piece of nature-based motifs pendant made of several or just one type of precious gemstones and metals with a hanging jewelled tassel, and two or more separate thin beaded or pearled chains attaching with it from both ends. 

The motif pendant is supposed to be placed a little away from the centre of the waistline diagonally To let the chains hang down a bit on the sides like a wave. Breaking free from the regular Kamarbandhs in favour of something more fashionable and dramatic this style looks the best when paired with a beautiful saree or a bright lehenga.

Elegant Indian Kamarbandh jewellery styles

Elegant Indian Kamarbandh jewellery styles

Keychain or Chaabi-Challa Kamarbandhs

Women and the keychain (chaabi ka gucchaa) have an old connection. Back in the days of the traditional Indian household, the main lady of the house (usually the mother or grandmother) was kept in charge of maintaining The prized possessions of the house and keeping them in a safe place. 

The key to those house doors, almirahs and precious items were all stacked up in a single keychain ornament that could be easily worn and carried along by the women like a waistbelt or kamarbandh. This precious jewellery was both a gorgeous ornament as well as a great deal of responsibility and respect for the one who got to own it in the household.

And just like a lot of other Indian pieces of jewellery these too were passed on from generation to generation as a form of traditional emblem and blessing. The classics that our mothers and grandmothers used to flaunt at their waist level can look very stylish now. 

Thus there’s a huge variety of different designs of chaabi-Challa style kamarbandhs in the market also it’s a part of the current trends. By tucking in a stately kamarbandh with a keychain you can go ahead and define your waist and your wedding couture distinctively. You can either buy a new one for your D-day or get your mom’s re-polished.

Simple single chain Kamarbandhs

The delicate single-chained kamarbandhs are also very popular and perfect for minimalist brides and girls. These can be worn for both regular and occasional purposes according to the width and design of the kamarbandhs. One of the most popular and elegant designs in these includes the plain gold or silver straight and beaded chains and pearl chains.

Whether you are a smart fashionista or a typical Indian beauty; you can never go wrong with the simple and sleek kamarbandhs. You can instantly develop a sizzling look with a simple tied-up belt around your waist. Brides who want to keep it minimal and want effortless ease and elegance can opt for a single-stranded chain encrusted with stones, beads or crystals.

Net-mesh style Kamarbandhs

The stand-alone elaborate kamarbandh that includes a single broad piece of meshwork gold and gemstone encrusted belt is an infallible waist-centric jewel piece that goes best with traditional attire or heavy work lehengas. This exquisite piece of kamarbandh can make anyone’s ensemble look like a B-town diva.

Net-mesh style trending Kamarbandh worn by Indian actress

Net-mesh style trending Kamarbandh worn by Indian actress

Necklace style Kamarbandhs

If you are in search of something evergreen yet chic; the cue is to go for a necklace-designed kamarbandh. It’s traditional and won’t look outdated either. And there are luxurious designs to choose from like jadau, pearls, Kundan drops etc. to give your D-day look a stylish twist.

Multilayered Kamarbandhs 

These kamarbandh jewellery styles include several multiple layers of similar-looking jewelled chains encrusted with diamonds, pearls or other gemstones as per the designs lining up one beneath another across the waistline. These kamarbandhs are found in a variety of designs and are also one of the most popular ones which look good with both traditional and modern attires and have a regal charm to them.

Styling tips for Amplifying the attires with Kamarbandh Jewellery

The First and foremost requirement is to figure out what type of kamarbandh will go well with your outfit colour and patterns on it. If the outfit contains golden embroidery or a combination of golden patterns over it then kamarbandh has chosen must not be in silver. If the Saree or Lehenga has heavy embroidery try simple kamarbandhs to look the best.

If the outfit is simple, then opt for a three-layered or two-layered multilayered Kamarbandh that will add up light to the look. Make sure to not go for a broadly decorated Kamarbandh unless it is a big ceremony like a wedding or something. To keep it simple yet elegant go for pearl, diamond or crystal Kamarbandhs this will lift your look with ease.

Simple Kamarbandh Jewellery worn around the waist

Simple Kamarbandh style

If you’re wearing a Lehenga or Sharara make sure you wear the kamarbandh a bit above your Waist. If you are styling it with a saree it looks prettier below or on the waist. Traditional sarees like cotton or silk saree can be styled with Chaabi-Challa kamarbandhs to maintain the traditional look. For minimalistic look wear, if you wish to draw attention to your attire more than the other pieces of jewellery the gold metal belt kamarbandh would look the best.

For a modern chic look for a lehenga, a multilayered Kundan Or diamond kamarbandh will be Perfect. If you’re trying to keep it simple yet antique and regal the single Or double-layered multi-coloured navaratan kamarbandhs will look the best. Avoid overdoing it as it can break the look.


Waistbelts have been a common traditional bridal jewellery but currently, the bridal waistbelts have become more prominent in use than they were back in time. Every bride from all over the country is adorning waistbelts matching with their anarkalis, lehengas, sarees, shararas and other dresses. Waistbelts hold the dupatta in place letting the bride meet and greet people with more ease.

But also they are currently an important part of bridal fashion. Some brides even opt for waistbelts made of the fabric as of their outfit over which they add another layer of jewel waistbelt to complete the look. There is an array of kamarbandh jewellery that enhances your overall look and helps to amplify the glam factor to an upper notch for the wearer. 

Anyone adorning a kamarbandh jewellery looks no less than a regal princess or queen and it is inevitable to draw the attention of the people and garner compliments for the outfit.

Kamarbandh jewellery is an integral part of both our history, common culture and our current fashion trends that have charmed the entire world with its charisma. These intricately made jewel pieces adorning our waistlines and accentuating them with their allure are a beautiful addition to every jewellery lover who should try for once at the least. The stunning designs and styles with their sensual elegance can oomph up your beauty like nothing else.

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