9 Indian Jewellery Style Tips for the Perfect Look

9 Indian Jewellery Style Tips for the Perfect Look
January 20, 2022 Vijay Soni Danwar

As you adorn yourself with precious Indian jewellery, it is important to take care of certain Indian jewellery style tips, for the most accentuated effect.
With Indian jewellery available in several metals like Gold, Silver, Jadau, Kundan and Polki, there can be innumerable combinations of colours and designs one can curate when wearing them.

Moreover, there has originated a fair distinction between Traditional and Modern Jewellery that appear wonderful when used separately but also when combined the right way. With so many parallels to take care of, jewellery styling can often get difficult.

Here are 9 Jewellery style tips to wear Indian Jewellery just the right way

Layer your Jewellery

Try out different lengths, forms, materials, and hues when layering rings, chains, bracelets, and also earrings to create attractive layers.
While you’re stacking necklaces, choose lengths that pull the attention towards your face. Various forms, tints, and textures are frequently effective.

One can very much make an armed group using multiple bangles and wristbands that sparkle and strum as they swing. Rings may be combined, paired, and layered in a variety of ways.

In case you embody more than one ear piercing or wish to mix ear bands with some diverse earrings, you might try wearing different earring designs. Check out our dangle and fall earrings, as well as our diamond studded earrings.

Combining and layering are simple and improve the level of a variety of chains of various lengths, materials, and styles play with new combos to discover what works. Make a list of your favourite combos so you can recall them later.

Keep Jewellery wear Dynamic

This means to keep changing your jewellery style to look most different anytime you wear a piece of precious Indian Jewellery. For instance, if you have worn a Rani Haar on one occasion, try a choker on the next one.
Even with a limited collection, this will work wonders, as you will be having a different look to present every time. Moreover, buying jewellery in a variety of colours also keeps the collection dynamic.

Care for clothing

Complimenting your clothing whenever you wear a jewellery piece is important, Isn’t this straightforward? However, we are aware that this does not always occur.
Consider what thing you’d most like to dress to whichever place you’re heading before starting dressed.
You could decide that you’d like to use a piece of certain jewellery for an event, wherein you ought to coordinate your dress and other belongings accordingly. Alternatively, you may want to choose your dress first and then coordinate your jewellery to it.
Both ways prove to be helpful. Since you’ve taken the effort to obtain the proper combo, you must seem smart and well-dressed.

Set a focal point for jewellery

Since you’re dressed up for a particular event, wherein would you like a person’s gazes to be set?

While you’re sporting Indian jewellery that’s meant to grab focus, it’s typically ideal to concentrate the connection on one area of the body, that may be, the neckline, earrings, wrists, or so on.
While you’re donning a statement necklace jewellery, for example, choose more subdued rings and studs. Alternatively, you could simply leave them out.

Determine the focal focus and make certain that additional accessories and apparel do not distract from it. This jewellery style tip comes especially handy on important occasions where you wear diverse jewellery types together.

Here the centre point is the gold choker necklace.

Trends do not shape all

You have probably encountered someone that is a style fanatic to an unhealthy degree. Trends have an impact on what we dress to a certain degree, and that is workable. However, mindlessly the following trend at the cost of one’s very own sense and individuality is not a smart idea. You’ll become disoriented. Well, it’s also going to be rather costly!

Rather, work on developing and refining your unique personal style that suits your individuality and helps you feel powerful. This may or may not be popular in the present or the future, though if you are secure in the wear, we are confident you’ll be alright.

Carefully consider what complements your skin tone, shape, and overall personal style while selecting the ideal Indian Jewellery to adorn.

Recalling the inclusion of your individuality: reminds us we are all unique, and our style must be reflected in the jewels we pick and also how we show the self as a whole.

Necklace and neckline

A very technical jewellery style tip is the matching your neckline and the necklace you are purchasing.
If it’s a meaningful piece that you’d rather keep concealed, the necklace jewellery or pendant ought to be noticeable and complement your attire.

For example, if you’re wearing a deep V-necked top, a necklace hung in a V over your bosom will look fantastic. On higher collared and square tapered garments, a piece of lengthy jewelry will look beautiful. With such a plunge or even other curved necklines, a circular pendant looks great.

Contact Us at Mahabir Danwar and know about the perfect neckwear for you from our jewellery experts.

Clean the jewellery

When it comes to valuable Indian Jewellery, it is important to maintain it just the right way. If you look closely at the types of accessories you use frequently or that have already been sitting unused for a while, you’ll find that it’s dirty, drab, and beyond their gleaming finest.

You would still not forget to wash or rinse your clothing, so don’t forget to clean your jewels, which is quite as ‘incredibly intimate.’

Now, what are your options? So, I highly urge you to consult our experts at Mahabir Danwar, they help cover all the basics alongside, assisting you in making the right choices possible regarding the maintenance of your valuable jewellery. In case, you are in a rush, use easy to apply traditional methods like cleaning the jewellery in lukewarm water.

Jewellery style Tips

Cleaning of diamond ring in warm water with baking soda

Uniform adornment

If you are wearing a heavy long necklace, then go for a lighter earring and similar jewellery. Wearing layers of heavy jewellery will appear to be too crowded while adorning light ornaments only, will fade your look.

Hence, finding the right balance between both is required. If you have paired a heavy earring with a light pendant, it will work wonders towards enhancing your look. For a sophisticated appearance, this style tip is of utmost importance in Indian jewellery wear.

Try out new jewellery to expand on your understanding

Easily wear basic and simple clothing and experiment with different fashion accessories as well as other jewellery from your inventory before a glass, and assess your reflection. Experiment with unusual mixtures of jewel styles you would not ordinarily match together, as well as diverse accessories such as robes, purses, and wristwatches.

Combine, coordinate, arrange and level your way to a solitary focal point with such a wardrobe staple. Continue to experiment with different pairings and focal points.

You’ll be surprised about what one can do to change up the appearance of some of the more basic clothing. And after you’re finished with one costume, change into another of a different kind and begin all over again.

Having fun with no rules is what fashion ultimately is about. Evaluate the sorts of Indian pieces of jewellery that will expand and make your clothing more interesting, adding depth to your outfit and go buying if you do not own a lot of jewellery pieces in your collection or if it isn’t particularly diversified.

Isn’t it wonderful to find a reason to get oneself some precious items that will sustain for years to come? Thank you very much.


Hence, these are some important stying tips one should take care of when taking care of their Indian jewellery. These will come to your aid when your jewellery collection is brimming with pieces you love or may have forgotten about over the years. However, you’re not being able to make the most of your collection and you don’t even know where to begin. It’s okay if you are uncertain about what pieces to buy that will mesh well together and complement each other.

For more help and information, Contact Us or Book a Free Consultation with us, at Mahabir Danwar.

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