6 Popular Indian Sangeet Jewellery to Wear this Shaadi Season

6 Popular Indian Sangeet Jewellery to Wear this Shaadi Season
April 22, 2022 Vedika Didwania

Brides and women in general, enjoy showing off their priceless jewels and will take advantage of any chance to do just that. Indian Sangeet jewellery is one to be reckoned with, with women adorning themselves with the finest jewels. Our fondness for gems can not ever stop, from those that have been passed down as heirlooms to those that have been lovingly bestowed by our loved ones!

People buy their jewellery occasionally, now and again and, particularly since we are getting married, and picking the right and also most magnificent piece of jewellery can be a difficult chore. Indian bridal jewellery is a veritable encyclopedia of possibilities, with design concepts for every sort of bride. It’s a challenge to choose between colour, style, and design, and it’s even more difficult if you want to stand out on your marriage day!

When you’re a modern bride who is sick of the classic style of bridal gear, we have something precious waiting for you. The Indian jewellery business is being smashed by unconventional bridal jewellery making at an unprecedented rate. If you prefer gold, silver, diamonds, Kundan, Polki, or gemstones, a traditional asymmetrical choker design is sure to please.

Classical South Asian marriages are filled with glitz and glamour, with celebration gatherings playing an important role. Among a few of the cornerstone events that led to the actual wedding is Sangeet with all its dance, songs and shades. Sangeet is a special occasion, and to get used to it, you’ll need not just the appropriate mindset, but also the right appearance. South-Asian weddings are the epitome of glitz, and you can’t afford to scrimp on your appearance. The outfit is important, but the appearance isn’t full without the finest jewellery.

Searching for innovative routes to spicing up your sangeet ensemble? Attractive sangeet accessory options are undoubtedly for a fashion-forward bride. Sangeet is indeed a very pleasant affair in which everyone can dress up and enjoy a good time, but you must nail the bridal appearance for each day.

At Mahabir Danwar, there is a collection of all kinds of Sangeet jewellery, whether they be chokers or long necklaces, and all of these stunning bridal jewellery will captivate you and everyone who sets their eye on them. These will undoubtedly complement your wedding ensemble, and we absolutely adore these pieces of jewellery for the finest Sangeet.

Lotus Motif Earrings

The Lotus blossom is commonly seen in Indian bridal ceremonies, either as a decoration or even as a present. It represents health, wealth, and elegance, which are important aspects of South Asian tradition.

Jewellers use lotus designs to make several of the very relevant exquisite bridal jewels. Earrings with such a lotus theme go with both contemporary and traditionally oriented outfits and can help any woman outshine her ceremonial look on her wedding days.

Lotus blossoms appear frequently in fine jewellery, whether hefty chains to dangling earpieces to bridal bracelets and also have acquired a prominent meaning as a consequence. Lotus blossom studs are all you’ll need to boost forth your sangeet jewellery ensemble. These are available in a variety of colour schemes that really are ideal for something like the vibrant atmosphere of a sangeet function.

Source – Wedding Wire

Temple Style Jewellery

We’ve all heard of diamonds with unique designs, but really what precisely is Temple Gold Jewellery?’

Temple Style Jewellery is regarded as a must-have accessory for South Indian weddings, and it is one of the accessories that is progressively gaining favour across the nation.

These come in a range of shapes and sizes, with motifs of Divinities, Goddesses, and sacred emblems like a flower or an animal image. It is made of gold and therefore is encrusted with quasi-precious and valuable stones such as pearls and sapphires.

Many of the very most popular South Indian accessory sets are inspired by temple-style jewellery. These designs are offered as chains, Kamarbandhs, Mathapathi, cuffs, Kadas, and piercings.

This style of jewellery is quite popular as a Sangeet wear among women all over India. Its influence has spread internationally too where people have started appreciating a blend of religion with their style statements during important functions. 

A Temple Style’s traditional attractiveness goes all the way back to the ninth century when the Chola and Pandya dynasties ruled. This was majorly worn by royalty in previous ages, but its impact has grown significantly over time. In fact, this Style is available in less expensive Polki and Kundan patterns instead of absolute gold, demonstrating the North Indian handle.

Also. the concept of Temple Style Jewellery remains ageless and auspicious wherever it is donned, such jewellery pieces are primarily made to wear by South Indian women who seek to receive divine blessings on some of the many vital days of their life, such as curating a memorable Sangeet attire.

Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone wearing Temple Style jewellery for wedding ceremonies


Kaleeras and classic bangles are a must-have for any sangeet. Although there are many various sorts and varieties of bangles in the industry, most fall far short of the grandeur that a traditional marriage necessitates. This is one timeless accessory that should not be overlooked, particularly at a sangeet, when stunning Kaleeras is an essential element of the entire wedding look.

This timeless and historic decoration has developed with the latest fashion stylings, but the true Indian air of the pattern remains intact. These present, Kaleeras with charms and as well as several other adornments are a major hit at weddings and are practically essential wear. 

Gold Kaleera


Chandbali earrings have an elegant appeal and a wide range of applications. One can wear these with any vibrant sangeet gown, whether it’s trendy, stylish or formal. However, you can wear the Chandbali earring alongside practically any other outfit, including sarees, lehenga choli, cultural gowns, and fashionable kaftans.

During weddings and celebratory events, Chaand Bali earrings are a superb fashion item. They are currently available in a variety of colours and finishes, including gold, silver, and tarnished. These also appear in a variety of designs, ranging from simple to modern, basic to theatrical, as well as the bride adores them.

Chaandbalis is one of the most well-known designs in the enormous range of Indian Sangeet jewellery styles, and they continue to be quite famous. Chaandbalis have elegantly complemented the Indian charms with their appearance, spanning along with Bollywood red carpet styles to opulent Indian weddings and festivities.

It doesn’t matter what the event or time of day is; these lovely studs complement any style and taste. If you adorn one of the Chandbali earrings, you won’t need any more items. These are available in a variety of Kundan, Polki, Jadau, and Meenakari forms.

Indian origin actress Kareena Kapoor wearing Chaand Bali earrings 

Maang Tikka 

Maang tikkas are a type of jewellery that has been around for a long time. They come in a variety of forms and styles; choose one that best suits your facial structure and preferred appearance. A bigger tikka could look great if you have a larger forehead.

A shorter Maang Tikka might look beautiful if your forehead is narrower than typical. Maang tikkas are typically designed to match the remainder of your jewels.

A Maang Tikka on the girl’s forehead is indeed an essential piece for any bridal attire.  The hair accessorizing Maang Tikkas emit an unearthly charm that transports you to some other age. The Matha Patti, which has decorated bands on both sides, complements the Maang Tikka.

Wearing a Maang Tikka during Sangeet accentuates your entire look, making this piece of jewellery a significant addition to Indian Sangeet jewellery. 

Maang Tikka

Maang Tikka

Different Types of Indian Necklaces

The pendant, as we all know it, is yet another piece of traditional Indian Sangeet jewellery that is worn commonly.

India has had a significant influence on the development of various sorts of conventional jewellery fashions throughout history, and one of the oldest references of all these fashion items is the Indian necklace.

Several of the oldest necklaces, dating from the seventeenth century, is reported to have been sculpted and made in India, with the Maharaja of Indore as the very first recorded possessor, who subsequently travelled to the West and handed it on to successive kings.

Necklaces are a unique item that may enhance a person’s entire look and feel and have always been a perennial favourite among women for many years.

These necklaces can be of various styles and types and often look best when worn as diamond, gold, Polki and Kundan pieces as Indian Sangeet Jewellery.

Jai Mala, Raani Haar, Diamond Choker, Mango Mala, Nakshi Pendant and Pachchikam Necklace are some popular designs that are quite prominently worn in wedding functions by women of all ages. 

6 Popular Indian Sangeet Jewellery to Wear this Shaadi Season

Gold Choker Necklace as worn by women during the ethnic ceremony


Indian Sangeet jewellery is something that once worn is remembered for years after. Its essence is captured not only in memory but in numerous photos and videos taken during the ceremony. Hence, choosing the right piece is important. Apart from the above-mentioned jewellery pieces, several more pieces of jewellery would work wonders when worn. To know more about Indian Sangeet jewellery, you can Contact Our Experts at Mahabir Danwar and also Book a Free Video Consultation with them. 

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