6 ways to Wear Indian Jewellery with Western Wear that looks incredible

6 ways to Wear Indian Jewellery with Western Wear that looks incredible
March 27, 2022 Vijay Soni Danwar

As East and West collide, whenever the worlds of desi and videsi interact or Indian Jewellery with Western Wear, when classical and urban styles collide, a magnificent phenomenon called blending occurs! In the jewel sector, it’s fascinating to observe the transition in tastes from cultural to contemporary and then returning to Indian forms.

The easiest way to enhance your fashion game is to wear jewellery! It might be difficult to match ethnic jewels with modern attire, but when done correctly, it looks simply lovely!

You could assume that wearing ornaments with western clothing is impossible, yet it looks amazing if done properly. It’s quite obvious to see how popular the mixed movement can be.

Women used to dress conservatively with ornaments in attires, ethnic wear, or similar such variations, and only during elite occasions such as weddings, engagements, and so on since that’s when all the ladies would assemble to critique one another’s gold jewellery.

Combining Indian gold jewellery with western clothing is a thrilling experience. Have you noticed that celebs have been spotted wearing this fashion fad?

If you’ve always felt fond of India’s rich tradition and want to wear jewellery with modern apparel to control the fashion industry, this is how it can be done.

The Indo-western clothing jewelry combo is a striking design expression that demonstrates the fashion taste as well as their creativity. If combined with fine Indian jewellery, particularly personalized gold wedding bands, western clothing creates a gorgeous combination.

Continue reading to learn how to accept and wear this look at your next major celebration, or perhaps at the office to get some good feedback. 

The Kundan Jewellery Fervour

When paired with a western attire such as a ball gown, off sleeve dress, or jacket, the Kundan pendant looks stunning and daring. A buttoned shirt and a long dress can be worn with Kundan stacked pieces of jewellery to create an indo-western style. It might be difficult to match Kundan jewellery with western clothing, so here’s an expert tip: Remove the studs in favour of a basic dress with a pleasing collar so the necklace’s pattern can shine. 

Kundan jewellery is indeed a prominent form of Indian gem accessory that most ladies seek. Kundan Keshri, as it’s sometimes called, is a beautiful, intricate style of art that is popular for marriages and other events. It entails placing cleaned valuable or quasi precious gemstones, as well as raw diamonds known as Polki, with care. A golden foil rests between both the gems as well as their frame and is used to place it. Kundan pertains to the pure molten gold foil using it as a setting for the stones and signifies “refined gold.”

Kundan jewellery is most commonly found in the couple’s conventional bridal trousseau nowadays. Initially, it was sold as just a set, with just an elegant choker, matching bangle or wrists, and matching earrings. In recent years, these items have become available both singly and as part of a collection. Hair clips and Kundan rings are indeed accessible.

There will be several rani haars and chokers, as well as Kundan necklaces, bracelets, studs, and other accessories. These showpiece items are quite ornate, with exquisite and complex designs. It’s hefty and traditional, and it’s ideal for life’s most momentous moments. Though wearing it with western outfits has magnificent effects.

How to Wear Indian Jewellery with Western Wear

Deepika Padukone Styling Kundan Jewellery with Beautiful Black Dress

Iressitble Jhumka Earrings 

Stying traditional Indian jewellery with western wear can often be a task, though this has been made easy with the use of versatile Jhumka earrings. 

All-female enjoys wearing earrings, and Jhumkas appear to be the most popular among Indian women. Maybe just a modest ensemble may be transformed with a pair of magnificent statement Jhumkas!

Jhumkas may be worn with an off-the-shoulder gown, a tube or a crop top, as well as a pleated skirt or elevated slacks for a more formal look.

If you’re looking for a bohemian vibe, consider teaming your Jhumkas with a shirt and torn jeans, a patterned romper, or a relaxed wrap.

Since then, the earrings have captivated a large number of young and old women the same, and they have become a popular accessory. Jhumka comes in a variety of materials, including golden, diamonds, silver, kemp and other similar precious stones, clay, or even silk strands. The form of such Jhumka changes depending on the artist. Jhumka styles range from little drops to giant canopy forms, squared Jhumka to cylindrical Jhumkas, and the creativity poured into them is endless. Jhumka has the advantage of being able to go with every set of jewellery as well as any attire.

Jhumka combines the jewel passion of all Indians, including Rajasthan, who originated Karanphool Jhumka to Kerala’s Koda Kadukkan earrings. 

Anushka Sharma in Western dress with beautiful Jhumka's

Anushka Sharma in a Western dress with beautiful Jhumka’s

Bangles Made of Polki and Diamond

The technique of creating these exquisite Indian ornaments is admirable, and if you have a wonderful set in Polki or Diamond bracelets, why not show them off with just a cut-sleeved blouse and a nice straight-lined skirt?

If you combine your wristbands with a relaxed, coloured shirt and beautiful jean shorts, the brilliance of the gems or practically fair-skinned or thin seeming Polkis in the bracelets would brighten up the complete ensemble. 

Bangles have a unique brilliance that no other jewellery has! Bangles are a mainstay of Indian jewellery, and no outfit is complete without them. Even when it comes to wearing Indian jewellery with western wear, bangles serve as a standout piece. At marriages nowadays, we witness a variety of styles, such as the gradual increase of French bangles and exquisite 18k diamond bracelets.

While gold bangles may have been a female’s initial love in Indian culture, diamond wristbands are gradually becoming an absolute favourite due to their fluidity and ageless patterns. With creativity at its height, one can opt to engrave messages or mix and match different gemstones in the finished product. The Head Accessory 

You don’t have to save mang tikas for ceremonies to use them with your sari and lehenga choli! Wear this with an outfit like a summer dress, an exquisite evening gown, or a tube top and torn jeans and be the talk of the town! When worn with a simple t-shirt and trousers, or maybe even a miniskirt with something like a top or even an ankle-length dress, the cultural Indian headbands will look extremely gorgeous. Just choose Maang tika which best matches your face from a range of sizes and colours.

The age-old ornament, Maang Tikka has had over history used in the bride’s beloved piece of jewellery, recognized as a vital element of an Indian bride’s solah Srinigar. This renowned beauty, adorned mostly with modest centre-parted hair or exquisite bridal buns, can bring the ideal amount of glamour to your weddings day appearance.

Whereas a Maang Tikka was once only a simple signature item worn by newlyweds, it has gone a long way and has been available in a wide range of forms and patterns.

Kim K. Styling Matha Patti with Gorgeous white dress

To know more about the various styles of these head accessories, Contact our Experts at Mahabir Danwar.

Anklets All The Way

It’s all about the tradition when it comes to anklets.  Anklets have an Indian feel to them, but how can you wear them with modern attire? Combine anklets, as well as a great pair of heels with a deep side, split dress or slacks and a shirt. This is a wonderful approach to combine two separate styles, where the jewels keep you classic but the dress gives you a professional impression.

They are mainly worn with outfits like short dresses and skirts that bare the ankle of the wearer. Making it one of the trendy traditional Indian jewellery that goes best with western outfits, some women prefer to flaunt an anklet all year round, and there are some, mostly young girls, who choose this as a summertime fashion statement. Irrespective of when you want to wear them, there are some basic anklet etiquettes that you need to follow.

Anklet with Heels

Chaandbalis For the Save

Chandbalis have long been one of the most popular choices among women. They are the greatest jeweller fashion with not just the lengthy Dresses and saree, but can also include western clothes in their domain.

If you desire a great fusion of cultures with such a modern spin, believe the fact that these large Baalis are what you need.

Combine your huge Baalis with the western dress and you’ll get all the kudos for paying attention to the smallest details. It can be worn in a variety of ways, but the most common is to pair these giant bright circles with a wide-leg pleated skirt, jumpsuit, or traditional western collared Kurti.

Chaandbalis are by far the most adaptable earrings you’ll ever own. They look great on many facial types and can add a splash of colour to any ensemble.


Grasping the intricate combination of style and fusion of Indian jewellery with western wear might seem complicated at first, but getting an initial idea about it will take you a long way. 

To look up a few designs or talk to someone who can help with such combinations, you can Contact Us at Mahabir Danwar.

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