Indian Jewellery Trends of 2022

Indian Jewellery Trends of 2022
December 21, 2021 Vijay Soni Danwar
Indian Jewellery Trends of 2022

In today’s world in terms of fashion or day-to-day developments in other sectors of life, everything depends on the trends. Everyone wants to be stylish by following what’s going around, especially when it comes to following Indian jewellery trends. Trends refer to what’s hip or popular at a certain point in time.

A trend simply reflects what seems to be going around at any given time. The dazzling pieces of jewellery adorned and appreciated by everyone are not just pieces of decors hanging from head to toe. These pieces of art crafted out of precious metals and stones are a form of creative self-expression that adds an extra layer of beauty and charm to our overall look. It helps in enhancing one’s beauty and is an easy physical representation of their personality. The purpose of the jewellery was original to make oneself stand out from the crowd. And like any other accessories, Indian pieces of jewellery too were a form of flaunting one’s wealth and social status in society. 

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Humans claim to have worn jewellery even before garments, from inexpensive naturally found materials to the shiny finely crafted expensive ornaments; with time jewellery has come a long way through history and has been acknowledged with different meanings with our evolution. 

Just like in India in most parts of the world, jewellery has acquired a more personal and traditional value in society. It is an important part of our culture and traditions that hold more of an emotional worth to it. Thus in a way, we can say that jewellery is an integral part of our lives that we probably can’t live without. And it’s no wonder that such a requisite item with its never-ending list of variety keeps changing per the different fashion and style trends every year. 

Now having said that, the Indian jewellery trends have been no less from the gorgeous baroque pearls to the bright enamel earrings had all and everything in between. According to some research and analysis, the reason behind this huge wave of jewellery trends that kept rolling in 2022 was a result of the people trying to overcome the post-pandemic despondency. The colourful bright designs are thought to be a way of countering the anxieties and bringing optimism. So if you too have been looking for some trendy jewellery inspiration here’s a list of all the jewellery trends of 2022.

Gold jewellery:

Gold has always remained the staple choice of people when it comes to buying pieces of jewellery. As the lustrous pieces of intricately designed jewellery have high longevity and are one of the most preferred choices. Gold-plated jewellery never goes out of style. You can change the way it looks and feels, but at its core, it remains the same. So, be it statement neckpieces, sleek drop earrings or chain bracelets, gold-plated jewellery will forever rule the jewellery space. And it’s no surprise that even in this current fashion trend gold jewellery has acquired a special place.

Some of the recent gold Indian jewellery trends include:

Gold Chains 

Golden chains are the new trendy go-to fashion wear in recent times. The popular thick-and-heavy style chains have made way for a lot of chunky chain necklaces and sleek-sized gold chains in the trend. Though dainty gold chains have been decorating the décolletage for seasons, fashion is taking the lookup a notched link. From designer chains to Cuban links, these on-trend pieces are a return to a classic. So, keep a lookout for sleek cables, oversized links and gilded curb necklaces when you go jewellery shopping the next time.

Double-Stranded Ethnic Gold Necklaces 

The double-stranded Nizams of Hyderabad were once one of the most popular jewel pieces in ethnic wear. In recent trends, this particular necklace has made a comeback in the bridal fashion trend with heavy golden necklaces. 

Golden Charm Bracelets and Necklaces

Golden charm bracelets have become a worldwide trend with their huge variety of heavy to super simple styles and design ranges. These bracelets and neckpieces with small trinkets or charms dangling from them can either be considered as a representation of all the good things that happened to us over time or they can make a simple fashion statement. It is one such jewel piece that can be personalized in whichever way you want to wear it by including or excluding the dangling charms from the main chain layer.

The charms are also thought to have a unique meaning to them. The heart-shaped charm represents true love, whereas a four-leaf clover is believed to bring luck to the wearer. Similarly, a cross represents a blessed life along with its religious side, and a treble clef represents harmony. And all this quite justifies their reason being trendy as the current trend goes everyone wants to tell a story of their own through their looks and these bracelets are one of such jewellery.

Big Orbs

Big old circular and elliptical shapes of gold earrings have taken over the trends of 2022. Some of which are also being experimented with dangling gold malachite drops as well.

Pearl Jewellery

The beautiful elegant timeless piece of jewellery has always been immensely popular amongst women of all ages. It is one such piece of jewellery that no matter how over the top layered or simple in look always looks classy. These oceanic jewels have long been an elegant adornment, but new ways of incorporating them have gone above and beyond the classic strand. Pearl combined with diamond and gold accessories forms the perfect mix of traditional and contemporary designs.

All major fashion houses, celebrities, and internet fashion gurus jumped on the trend head-on. You can see the fashion shows, red carpet events, and the internet full of interesting pearl jewellery pieces, clothes, and details. Clothes Dripping In Pearls. 

So much has changed about the look of the popular jewellery pearls; irregular shape, bigger size, and other colours besides white, thus it’s no wonder that even the way of wearing the pearls is also being experimented with. 

Some Common Styles of Pearl Jewellery

Metal chain links with pearls

Metal chain links couldn’t be farther from the pearls in terms of style. Chain links are more street style, edgy, modern, and often bold statement pieces of jewellery. While the usual pearls are the exact opposite of that. Yet it seems they go well together. Piling on chains and pearls together is popular, as well as adding on some charms, and piling beads on top of everything. Especially if the chains are gold since that’s another classy material sprucing up the look.

Pearl Chokers

The classic pearl chokers have gone oversized too. An interesting piece is the one in the shape of an open ring with pearls on both ends. Adding the modern vintage style of pearl chokers or necklaces is also in trend.

Baroque Pearl Pieces of Jewellery

Baroque pearls are irregularly shaped pearls that are mostly cultivated in freshwater areas. Breaking the traditional image of perfectly round-shaped pearls baroque pearls are the ideal choice for bold women who want to show the world just how special they are. Due to the huge variety of different colours and shape ranges, baroque pearls give the advantage of creating unique and gorgeous pieces to fit every style easily. In the current jewellery trends, these pearl jewellery like neckpieces and earrings are extremely popular.

Pearl Hair Accessories

Pearls are not only used in jewellery and clothing but also hairdos. Initially, pearl hair jewellery was only worn during special occasions and was very heavily designed but currently, there’s a wide variety of simplistic pearl hair accessories being used for more casual everyday events.

Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings have always been everyone’s favourite but currently, pearl drop earrings, pearl chandeliers, pearl straight-chain earrings, pearl climbers, and mismatched pearl earring sets are more in trend.

Rhinestone Pieces of Jewellery

Rhinestones are being called out as the new gold of this era. With its wide range of designs and colours to choose from the glittery sensibility, it offers to one’s otherwise plain wardrobe will always remain unmatched. The suave yet sassy-looking rhinestone dripping collar necklaces, fringe earrings and heavyweight chains are everything that one needs to upgrade their fashion game. 

Lucky Penny

Just like the charm necklace and bracelets, lucky charm coin pendants are one of the most trustable jewellery trends of 2022. Versatile and sleek, these pendants work with kurtas, crop tops and dresses without distracting the attention away from your outfit. If you’re a fan of minimalistic statement pieces, a coin pendant is the best way to go. Contact Us at Mahabir Danwar to get a royal lucky penny pendant made with the help of precious metals.

Solo Earrings

In the age of go solo style trends, single earrings are one of the most popular and newer yet familiar additions to jewellery fashion. Fresh and edgy, the single earring trend is an instant mood booster for anyone who looks at it. A bit eccentric but in, “single earring” is one of the best jewellery trends of 2022. If you’re someone who loves to experiment with their looks this trend is just for you. And not to forget how the list of options in the line of single earrings go down from expensive golds and diamonds to the less costly substitutes. 

Layer Ups

A pass from the jewellery trends of the previous year the layering game is still on. From necklaces, earrings, finger rings to bracelets adding multiple layers of slightly similar or matching

Jewellery pieces are an entire vibe in the trending jewellery fashion world. From dainty layered chains to statement chokers and embellished pendants, the layered necklace look is the perfect way to show off your necklace collection and your effortless style in one go. The layered look seems more effortless, but in fact, takes more effort to make it look right. 

Just like the layered necklaces the stackable rings and bracelets are too very popular because of their endless possible combinations. But what pushed forward this layering and stacking trend from the old nineties trend to the current date is the influence of social media posts that have been making rounds as a popular aesthetic for a long time. 

Mismatched Earrings

Just like the solo earrings mismatched earrings are also being experimented with and adored by the trendsetters of 2022. On one hand, where there’s a trend of matched layers of jewels there’s also this certain trend with no limits of trying to go as unmatched as one wants to. Some popular earrings in this category include the Santorini, stone stand initial earrings,  baby baroque threaders, Daphne pearl studs, feather earrings, pom-pom tassel earrings, etc. 


Hoops the forever-in-trend jewellery, there’s probably no such era when hoops haven’t been popular. Whether for their large variety and styles or simply symmetrical magic to add charm hoops have always been everyone’s favourite. But according to the current trend, the most preferred hoop earrings are multi-beaded hoops, pearl-studded hoops, gold plated hoops, and asymmetrical gold-toned enamelled hoops. 

Diamond Hoop

Crystal Statement Earrings

The shiny bright pieces of crystal earrings like crystal fringe drops and white Shannon earrings are quite popular these days. 

Cocktail Rings

Dating back to the 1940s when these big fancy rings worn during cocktail parties became famous and hence got their name from are a part of the current trendy jewellery fashion. One of the quintessential pieces of fashion jewellery ranges in countless different designs and styles of cocktail rings to choose from– floral, animal-inspired, antique and more.

It can also be matched with different outfits by choosing from the different coloured stones and can also be fitted by one’s personality. AS we can see like most of the jewellery trends of 2022 the ring jewellery has also moved towards chunkier statement jewellery once again and these rings now can also be worn devoid of any special events. 

Indian Jewellery Trends


Jewellery has its beauty and is full of an endless range of designs and styles to go through. No matter how many years we have crossed through the pages of history, jewellery in every time has had its charm, popularity and importance in the shaping of our society. This special asset comes in many forms and designs but at the end of the day holds a special place in the hearts of its wearers. Whether due to their unmatchable quality of enhancing our looks to their other subjective importance created by the wearer’s jewellery has gone through an evolution along with us.

 With the different changes and improvements for a better world jewellery too has gone through long trials and reached this final diversified range. With the mood and vibes of each year, the trends keep rolling in with a whole new set of old and new jewellery trends. But whether it is a vintage style heavy jewel piece or a simplistic modern accessory the Indian jewellery trends of 2022 welcome it all.

Ranging from every old new and innovative design this year’s trend can be summarised as a trend for everyone’s choice and preference, where all it takes to participate is to go all bold and beautiful and let your jewellery do the rest of the talking. 

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