The Best Kind of Indian Floral Jewellery

The Best Kind of Indian Floral Jewellery
June 19, 2022 Vijay Soni Danwar

If you’re a jewellery lover then the changing jewellery trends are something you would like to stay tuned up with and one of such currently popular jewellery types is the Indian floral Jewellery. The beautiful vines, leaves and colourful petals incorporated in the shinny quintessential pieces of eye-catching pieces of jewellery are worth purchasing without any second thoughts.

From time immemorial, flowers have been used to express love and friendship. This is also popular because flowers can be worn by every age and style. 

Thus, flowers have always remained an inspiration for jewellery designers across the world. The curves, layers, petals and the enchanting colours of flowers make for a significant theme in Indian floral jewellery design. There are no such lifestyle categories which have been able to elude itself from taking inspiration from nature. 

For centuries, flowers have been an integral part of weddings. Back in time, before the arrival of jewellery, brides used to adorn themselves with fresh flowers and it’s no surprise that floral-themed fine jewellery is a big hit among brides these days.

However, it is creatively quite challenging to pick up a floral theme which has universally been discovered and rediscovered by designers across eras and still make it relevant and still be able to create something unique.

Indian floral jewellery

Source – Wed Me Good

There are lots of different types of floral jewellery designs that continue to charm everyone and rule across the world trending season after season. Therefore we have here a list of different floral designs Jewelleries that can never go out of fashion and are worth being a part of everyone’s jewellery collection. 

Polki Floral Jewellery

Hailing from the regal rea of Rajasthan Polki designs is the centuries-old technique of handcrafting uncut diamonds into fine jewellery. Often retained in their natural rough versions, they have non-faceted polished surfaces and are generally cut in a way to follow the original structure of the stone. 

This is what makes each piece of Polki jewellery unique and distinct from the other. It is one of the oldest forms of diamond cut existing before the Western diamond cutting methods were discovered.

Due to their purest forms and pearl additions to enhance their charm Polki Jewelleries are often more expensive than others. But what makes polki pieces of jewellery even more special are their unique and delicately designed floral patterns. The microscopic detailed work of creating the leaves and flowers on the jewel pieces with the uncut diamonds over gold is fascinating. Some of the prettiest Polki Jewellery include the following. 

Rose-cut Polki Ring 

The rose-cut Polki ring is crafted with beautiful floral artistic designs. This Polki jewellery is embellished with rubies and uncut flat diamonds. The magnificent appearance of this ring is a result of a deep floral formation using rubies around an uncut flat diamond representing the red petals, with another outer ring of polkis. It is a perfect choice for pairing with traditional or western outfits. And can also be worn in place of cocktail rings. 

Polki Emerald Choker Necklace

An iridescent Polki emerald choker necklace, which is handmade with emerald and polkis in yellow gold. For every ethnic and indo-western outfit, this Polki jewellery is a must-buy. This piece of jewellery has gotten a mixed look of being exaggerated yet staying minimalistic in its design.

While minimalists can wear it as a single piece of jewellery without having to pair up anything else, others can add a few more light chains or lockets along with it to get the perfect look. The presence of uncut diamonds in between layers of emerald truly offers a regal touch to this choker necklace.

Polki Diamond Jhumkas

Jhumkas the staple of every jewellery wearer and the favourite go-to earrings of every Indian girl can look even more exquisite when it’s made of the polki floral designs.

These delicate pieces of Polki diamond jhumkas are crafted using south sea pearls, rubies, and uncut diamonds arranged in a floral pattern centred around the ruby and encircled with sea pearls for a purely ethnic appeal. There’s nothing more flawless and perfect than these Polki diamond Jhumkas for getting an easy yet gorgeous look with even the simplest of outfits on an important event. 

Polki Jewellery

Polki Ruby Choker Necklace

The seamless use of gold and rubies imparts a natural design to the choker, which gives it a contemporary yet traditional touch. This choker necklace is a spectacular dazzling choker with the most intricately crafted floral pattern with the expensive gems and pearls creating a majestic ornament that no one can deny loving at first glance. 

Ruby Polki Pearls Necklace

The ruby Polki pearls necklace is designed to keep an authentic royal wedding look in mind. It is handcrafted in rubies, south sea pearls, and uncut diamond in yellow gold.

A perfect blend of uncut diamond, the pure charm of ruby, and yellow gold brought together like a puzzle into its final makeshift rendition of lustrous flowers this Polki jewellery necklace is the right choice for every type of wedding outfit. The south sea pearls offering an extra layer of breath-taking allure to it also makes it to be a perfect necklace for parties and can be paired up with western or Indo western outfits as well. 

Bengali Floral Jewellery

Bengal the sweetest part of India is not only known for its antique culture and delicious sweets and savoury delicacies but also its grand weddings. The beauty of a Bengali wedding is determined by the wedding attire, food menu, and bridal jewellery.

Just as the wedding ceremony has several rituals unique to itself, there are several jewellery pieces unique to Bengali brides and most of these unique Bengali jewellery designs include imitations of nature in them. Intricate, delicate, and striking, the floral patterns on the bridal jewellery have a dramatic and awe-inspiring beauty to them. And some of the most noteworthy Bengali floral pieces of jewellery include the following:


Similar to the hath Phool (hand ornaments) so ardently loved in North India, the Ratnachoor usually boasts of a minimalist design consisting of delicate chains and floral discs that connect a bracelet to several finger rings. In this traditional Bengali jewellery, the five finger rings are attached to the wrist through individual chains. Common designs that have been used in making ‘Ratnachoor’ are the Sun, Moon and Lotus.



This gold wristlet or bangle is made from pure gold and is usually adjustable with gold chains. It is a heavy piece of jewellery and usually, most Bengali women will prefer them to adorn their hands on their wedding day. A broad, delicately hewn wristlet with golden floral lacework, the Mantasha also includes a dainty ring that hooks onto one of the bride’s fingers. Sometimes, if the bride chooses to wear a Mantasha, the Ratnachoor is eschewed.


Much like the popular vaddanam of South India, the Bengali Kamar bandh (waist ornament) features a simpler design and is adorned with floral motifs that are carved in gold.

Sita Haar

Probably one of the longest necklaces in her jewellery collection, the Sita haar consists of multiple delicate gold chains that are united with an ornate locket usually embellished with floral motifs.

Kaan Pasha

Perfectly suited for brides with round faces, the Kaan pasha’ is a full-bodied earring that covers up the entire ear lobe with its ornate design. These statement ear studs usually come in a circular shape, but nowadays, one can also get them in leaf shapes. In the middle of the circular ornate design lies the floral decorative designs. 

Bollywood actress Rani Mukherjee adorning Kaan Pasha

Traditional Bengali Hairpins and Accessories

In the regal times, precious hairpin-like ornaments worn across the luscious black locks of the Bengali women were a symbol of wealth and classiness. 

This included two different types of hairpins made of gold and other precious gemstones. Firstly the Bun pin is either made to look like a golden bloom of a flower or a circular coin-like accessory consisting of floral patterns inside its circular edges. Some of these bun pins are also attached with a small hanging pearl or gemstone attached just across its end. 

The second type of bun pin was used by the Traditional Bengali brides in the past; they used a pure gold net-like chained ornament made of gold to cover their “khopa” or bun and keep it in place. Additional clips (also in gold) were used to accessorize their lustrous hair even more.

Even today these hairpins are either passed down by the grandmothers of the family as a sign of blessing to the bride or most of them buy new ones to add up more to their wedding look. These beautiful hair accessories look amazing and remind me of the classy zamindar days when these used to be regular hairpin-like accessories

Bengali Bouti Rings or Angtis

These rings are usually meant to be worn on special occasions and like the ‘Kaanpasha’ they are given a Round ‘dhaal’ or ‘crest’ shape which is outlined with floral lacework. These finger rings are sometimes also smaller and easier to wear daily. But they are mainly meant for special occasions. 


The Traditional Bengali jewellery names for Chandelier earrings are  ‘Jhumko’. It’s a unique mixture of chaandbalis and other Indian Jhumkaas and is all about floral designs. New designs have been inculcated in the ‘Jhumko’ so that they can be worn at ease by Bengali women in the modern-day context since back in time these used to real heavy to wear and super detailed with flowers and leaf designs all across their layers. 


Tikli is a beautiful Bengali bridal accessory similar to maang tikkas in other parts of northern India. It includes pendant-shaped jewellery attached with delicate gold chains which are worn in the middle of the hair parting. 

The long-chain that hangs the pendant of the tikli to the upper region of the forehead is designed with intricate flower and leaf tendril patterns made of gold, sometimes also enhanced with precious stones like diamonds, rubies, and emeralds, etc. to give it a more Royal touch. 



Chur is a gold broad single-piece bangle that is usually worn on one hand. Sometimes these are the Bengali bangles which are ancestral jewellery passed on through generations. The intricate designs of a Chur are its signature. These often are made with fine filigree floral designs on the gold surface. 

Meenakari floral pieces of jewellery

Meenakari is the vibrant art of enamelling the surface of metals in grooves or engravings in ornaments with different colours and creating a painted glass-like Lustrous coat over the coloured region?

This art was primarily used for decorating and was used as an adornment of the Mughal palaces and was later incorporated into jewellery making. From the Mughal era to today it has come a long way mixing matching and changing through the pages of time. And thus it is the loudest trend that has been up for decades and still makes the loudest noise amidst the bridal fashion trends.

A lot of experimental brides are picking stylish meenakari jewels to add a dash of vibrancy to their wedding looks. While some are incorporating pretty earrings & tikkas with floral and bird motifs enamelling to their mehndi looks, others are teaming enamelled collars, chokers and various other types of necklaces in variant colours to colour-combine with their wedding ensembles.

Indian Floral Jewellery

Indian floral jewellery

Source: Wed Me Good

Meenakari Jewellery usually consists of a base metal usually gold and several pieces of designer gemstones carved here and there across the ornament in a certain pattern so that the meenakari floral work on the metal work matches with it; to ultimate form a unique piece of floral imitation on jewellery.  One of the main reasons for the floral meenakari Jewellery being so popular is the variety of colours that it provides, which isn’t found in other jewel forms.

Apart from the traditional reds, greens, and pinks, meenakari floral jewels are also available in so many offbeat pastel colours like powder blue, mint green, blush pink etc. and some new patterns too. This allows the modern brides to experiment with the different looks and colours of their dresses. Here are some most popular floral meenakari jewellery designs :

Lavender Enamelled Choker

This pretty piece of simple yet Royal looking jewel consists of a lavender colour meenakari work in floral patterns with additional Polki diamonds lining the designs and hanging off white pearls over the shiny gold edges. It is perfect for an indo-western or Indian outfit for an occasion. 

Floral Enamelled Princess Necklace and Chaandbalis 

These include meenakari necklaces with a simple broad piece of rectangular curved choker-like necklace enamelled with pastel colours and floral gold patterns encrusted over the meenakari work as detailings. And precious gemstones outlining the hanging edge of the earrings and necklace along with South sea pearls. This is a perfect choice for bridesmaids or other attendees on a wedding occasion or for a minimalistic bride. 

Kundan Pearl Emerald Meenakari Neckpieces

These gorgeous neckpieces include a long multiple-layered necklace embellished with Kundan and pearl work with floral or leaf-like pink meenakari motifs in between them adorned with shimmery green emeralds. This glamorous collar necklace is capable of stealing the limelight without extra accessories. Someone adorning this can’t fail to look anything less than a queen in this. 

Kundan pearl emerald meenakari neckpieces

Source: Veronique Trends

Moroccan-style Bib Necklace

This meenakari floral piece is made in a Moroccan choker necklace design with some Indian touch to it. Crafted with blush pink enamel and attached with precious pastel-coloured gemstones this is the perfect timeless necklace for any occasion and event. 

Kemp Stone Meenakari Raani Haar

These are Raani haars made with enamelled floral and leaf motifs with vibrant colours attached across the Kundan diamonds, pearls and kemp stones arranged decoratively. It is a must-have for a necklace lover. 

Lotus Motif Meenakari Necklaces and Earrings 

These are pretty haars with layered lotus-inspired motif hangings and cut uncut diamonds paired up with precious colourful gemstones. 

Guttapusalu Meena and Lotus motif Necklaces

These are gorgeous Polki necklaces amped with lotus motif meenakari work and Guttapusalu detailings on the borders. 

Guttapusalu necklace worn by Bollywood actress Rekha

Firoza Enamelled Kadas 

These are contemporary Firoza enamelled Kadas studded with uncut diamonds and pearls looking like a floral pattern. 


Since imitating nature in floral jewellery became a way to reflect the floral world’s beauty there have been tons of experimentations and recreations of the variant designs in which pieces of jewellery can be made. And time immemorial, women have adorned themselves with flowers. Considering the floral craze amongst wearers, no jewellery catalogue can be complete without this special segment.

Especially the sought-after floral ring collection that offers sentiment-driven products like love bands and engagement rings is replete with floral designs. The most delicate versions of floral jewellery are those that showcase the simplest of flower designs that are classic in their presentation. While the gorgeous pieces of heavily detailed floral jewellery can make any wearer feel like royalty. 

 To wrap it up all we can conclude is the floral jewellery collections are endless and timeless. With its never-ending possibilities inspired by nature; handcrafted by the most talented artisans with a hint of the historical legacy in jewellery making and carved out of the dazzling gemstones and royal touch of gold the end product is a remarkable stunning piece of ornament that has the power to accentuate one’s attire like no other.

From the simplest of events to transitional occasions, Or even for everyday wear; Indian floral Jewellery is one the best must-haves in everyone’s jewellery collections. Also, it’s a trend that can never go out of fashion.

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