8 Indian Bridal Jewellery Pieces Vital in the 20s

8 Indian Bridal Jewellery Pieces Vital in the 20s
December 1, 2021 Vijay Soni Danwar
Indian Bridal Jewellery Pieces Vital in the 20's - Mahabir danwar Jewellers

While ticking the checkbox to your bridal requirements, taking care of the perfect attires that match your tone, along with a sandal that won’t be too uncomfortable is important. Though, how would you rightly pair the perfect Indian bridal jewellery as this includes several elements? 

We are here to help you decide on your perfect Indian bridal jewellery Pieces that will enhance your look and add a hint of royalty and glamour to it. 

As she goes down the aisle, clothed in the best of garments and accessories, all attention is handed over to the bride who is an epitome of timeless beauty. If you’re a bride-to-be getting ready to tie the knot with the love of your life, then the first thing you need to make sure of is the contrasts. 

This is a tried-and-true choice that is sure to attract notice. Artists such as Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma were seen wearing complementary colours during their weddings. For them, the ultimate wedding outfit will be a green lehenga with a jade and diamond jewellery set or a rose lehenga with such a pink-toned set! There’s no going back once you pick the appropriate coloured stones. However, if you choose to incline other lovely colours, there’s a perfect setting for every look.

Here are 8 Indian Bridal Jewellery pieces that are absolutely important:


Necklaces are by far the showiest item of jewellery in any setting due to their prominent location. The handcrafted Polki and Jadau ornaments enhance your neckline in a variety of ways. Choker necklaces have been used as statement jewellery for a long time. Every year now, couples have been seen utilizing them.

Exquisite diamond pendants, on the other hand, exude simplicity and refinement. Because there are so many different types of necklaces available nowadays, finding the ideal one that also fits within your budget shouldn’t be too difficult.

The most appreciated options are the Raani Haar that goes right up to your waistline. It is made of pure gold and catches one’s attention due to its large presence. The temple Style is another necklace style that is timeless and auspicious whenever worn, these jewellery sets are largely worn by the brides of South India who wish to grace themselves with the divine blessing on the most important days of their lives


It takes a split second for your appearance to alter, and that split second occurs whenever we wear our earrings. Earrings ought to be a good match for your neckpiece yet not too hefty to wear. With a hefty neckpiece, a smaller earring is preferable, whereas a heavier Jhumka or equivalent with a basic choker works well. Earrings are accessible in all of the excellent metals, enabling you to expand your creativity and play freely.

Hoops, Balis, Drops, Pins, Collar Earrings, Small- and medium-sized Jhumkas, Cartilage, Chandelier, Studs, and Male fashion Earrings are all available. These look great with a variety of outfits. Earrings paired with corroborating attire especially when wearing Indian clothes, complete the outfit.

Simply ensure that the earpiece’s size is comfortable for you and opt for the lengthier and bigger ones to exert a greater effect.

Earring is also a growing market in general. When it comes to jewellery, what is the most popular? Then earrings, followed by necklaces and pendants, are a guaranteed bet.

Naths or Nose Rings

In the Indian bridal set, there stands a conventional girl’s greatest stunning face accent a nose ring. Because of the classic characteristic which can be immediately linked to it, even just a modest nose ring may transport you backwards in history. An oriental nose ring is the ideal finishing touch to your style if you’ve selected heavy clothing and accessories. The great news seems to be that you don’t have to pierce the nose for wearing these on your wedding day; clip-on nose rings which appear like so many others are now accessible. Nose rings are an ethnic expression, so don’t be afraid to use them. 

A flower Nath for Mehendi, a golden nose ring for the wedding or a diamond one for sangeet looks especially beautiful. They accentuate the face and make your look dazzling. Naths of pretty diamond shapes is a good choice when looking to buy this accessory.

Indian Bridal Jewellery Pieces

Naths or Nose Pins


Indian Bridal Kamarbandhs or waistbands are by far the most sensual items of adornment. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, and they can be multilayered or slim, studded or embroidered. They wrap your stomach and draw attention to both your outfit and your waist. Available is no other enticing piece of jewellery than a lovely Indian Kamar bandh, which works well enough with a sari and long skirts and enhances the beauty of your waist. The Kamarband, which was formerly a sign of riches and authority, was said to have been donned by Lord Krishna.

Pairing a Waist Chain with an Anarkali or Lehenga gives the appearance more elegance and effect. Nowadays, they are also fashioned of gold or silver, and then when worn, they exude majesty.

Bride wearing Gold Raani Haar and Kamarbandh


I mean, do we need to say anything else? Wedding bands were the symbols of marriages for millennia. Rings have indeed been considered the forerunners of displaying one’s engagement to others by both Western and Traditional cultures. It was always an enticing and attractive collection, as well as a bridal or, most significantly, an Indian wedding jewellery set would be incomplete without it. To complement your marriage style, you can wear gold and diamond bands with a hint of emerald or pearl.

Rings are an important part of every bridal set. We may have prepared a handset adorns and put it aside for the bridal ring as a woman, but why restrict yourself when you have fantastic antique jewellery that comes alongside the bridal set? Fashionable antique gold bands with a huge diamond or pearl in the centre and little emeralds or rubies encrusted though are back in style. These chunky rings would look stunning with your complementing jewellery and marital outfit on your wedding day.


Looking for Indian wedding jewellery online, you are also bound to come about the Maang Tikka. 

A Maang Tikka adorning the bride’s brow is a must-have for each bride. Maang tikkas were placed just at the hairline split and also have an old traditional elegance that transports you to another era. Maang tikkas are available in a variety of styles and colours; choose one based on the shape of your brow as well as the appearance you want. 

A thicker tikka can appear magnificent in case you have a wide head. A smaller Maang tikka would seem beautiful if your forehead is smaller than typical. Maang tikkas are often created to match the remainder of your jewels. A Matha Patti, that has decorated strands over both ends, is an enhancement towards the Maang Tikka. Matha Patti is indeed a piece of jewellery that exudes grandeur and is unquestionably a should have on the weddings ceremony.



Indian bracelets stay by the side as if they were special favours on your wrists! Bangles, much more than in any other piece of jewellery, get a distinct sparkle. Bangles are indeed an essential piece of Eastern culture, and no ensemble is complete without them. Bangle Designs are used by ladies all across the Indian subcontinent to adorn the wrists and hands in various ways. Their impending power has stretched to Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan, which are all neighbours.

Bangles are a type of Indian jewellery that includes necklaces, earrings, nose-pins or Naths, Kamar bandhs, and matha Patti. They come in a variety of metals, including Gold, Silver, Diamond, Polki, and others. The majority of them are encrusted with diamonds and gold. We’ve all seen women with multi-coloured bangles in varying shapes and quantities adorning their hands.

It is a bride’s memento for some cultures, such as the Sikhs, and is part of their age-old ceremonies. There are Churs, clasping bangles, and everyday bangles to choose from. Bangles are widely used as a status symbol in the Hindu community and are highly respected.

If you’re looking to buy Indian bangles online, you can Contact Us at Mahabir Danwar for easy help. 


The Hathphool

Just on the back of your palm, this hand harness is a lovely piece of Indian jewellery.  Madhuri Dixit, swaying to maar Daala along with her elegantly ornamented hands flowing repeatedly in the air, is etched in our minds. The Hathphool encircles the palm and adorns the fingers most elegantly, and they’re among the very top lyrical statements of jewellery ever made. Being one of the most unique accessories that will also bejewel the wonderful Indian lady, coupled with such a similar band and also in tune with the rest of the jewellery.

The Hathphool is often made of pure gold and adds to the marvel of the several handpieces of jewellery that are present and known today. 


Pendants, Chokers, Rings, Earrings, and Bracelet are just a few of the gorgeous Indian Bridal Jewellery Pieces that can be found in the Indian fashion universe. It might be challenging to find exquisite diamonds that are both durable and useful for a lifetime.

If you want help in deciding on your perfect piece of ornament or wish to buy some with ease, you can Book a Free Video Consultation with our experts at Mahabir Danwar. 

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