Jewellery Designs: Hints of Gold Jewellery That Will Turn Heads Your Way

Jewellery Designs: Hints of Gold Jewellery That Will Turn Heads Your Way
July 19, 2021 Vijay Soni Danwar
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In India, regardless of religion, Gold Jewellery is an important part of religious events. Gold is a significant asset in all main religions in the country, including Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism, and Christianity. Gold jewellery and decorations are passed down through the generations in order to preserve the family legacy.


Throughout India, gold jewellery is the ultimate prestigious symbol, and Indians aren’t afraid to show it out. Gold is one ingredient that can help people stand out, actually shining in a crowd, in a social situation with billions of people. Gold is regarded as a super-metal by Indians, one that can solve a variety of issues. Although not everything that glitters is gold, gold jewellery is the Indians’ knight in sparkling armour.


Gold jewellery is popular across the country, from Delhi to Chennai and Ahmedabad to Kolkata. There are several factors that have catapulted gold jewellery to a pedestal in India, where it is likely to remain for the foreseeable future.


Here’s a list of handpicked designs that will make you sparkle, every time you walk into a room! Read below to choose the one that catches your eye!



Since the period of the kings and queens, Nakshi jewellery has been a part of our history. This one-of-a-kind Nakshi Necklace from Art of Gold contains an etched Lakshmi deity in the centre, which is revered for all auspicious occasions. The elaborate design and minute details definitely give the wearer beauty and elegance. 


This trademark gold ornament can enhance your overall appearance as well as dazzle on your neck. Nothing looks more elegant than temple god jewellery, even when worn with ethnic clothing. With the ultimate sophistication of this gold Nakshi Jewellery, turn heads everywhere you go.

Nakshi Jewellery Set

Image Source: Latest Indian Jewellery


The Kundan gold jewellery set is an essential piece of bridal jewellery. A bridal outfit is completed with a necklace, chain, hand chain, bracelet, earrings, headdress, and other accessories. It’s somewhat pricey, but it’s perfect for a wedding. It provides the wearer with a great and imperial appearance.


The Mughals popularised it, and it was seen in royal courts during their reign. It thereafter grew in popularity in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Although the initial patterns were created in gold, they became popular with the general public after being reproduced in silver.

Kundan Set

Image Source: Paisley Pop 


You can choose from a variety of patterns, sizes, and lengths. So, depending on your needs, you can choose between small gold Jhumkas and hefty gold Jhumkas, depending on whether it’s a day or night occasion. The golden Jhumkas can also be encrusted with diamonds. Golden Jhumkas can be worn with or without a necklace and with any outfit. These will offer you a gorgeous appearance that you have never had before.


We could observe most of the women wearing different Jhumkas at most south Indian weddings, which would add to their beauty. These Jhumkas are a perennial favourite among ladies of all ages. This golden jewellery is quite simple to wear and go with any clothing, whether it’s a saree, ghagra, or salwar kameez.


Image Source: Tarinika


Gold nose pins and rings have been a part of our culture since the dawn of humanity. The good news is that you have a lot of alternatives when it comes to getting a nose piercing. Many girls and women nowadays desire their noses pierced but are unsure of the various types that are available. The golden loop is an easy-to-wear and super-cool style. It has a sophisticated appearance while also being a hassle-free solution. Opt for huge gold studded hoops if you really want to make a style statement.


Sonam Kapoor looked stunning in this item. When your nose adorns the gold-studded hoops, you’ll feel like a queen. If you don’t want a big Bali, a smaller one is always an option, and a studded bali is elegant and incredibly attractive, especially in gold. It will look great with ethnic clothing.

Gold Nose Pin


You’re thinking of something magnificent when you say royal. The ruby in the middle of the gold bracelet creates a striking contrast, which is why this bracelet is known as a Rajwada Bracelet. The Mughal emperor Akhbar and his wife Jodha inspired the Rajwada Jewelry Collection. The gold jewellery creations of Rajwada will transport you back in time to mythical palaces, royal treasures, and a blend of cultures. Each piece represents the royal jewellery’s historical elegance. 


When it comes to what to wear on those empty wrists, gold bracelets have long been a popular choice among girls. When selecting one for yourself, take in mind the various types and the events for which they are most suited. Make a mental note to get one that looks well on your wrist and fits well.

Rajwada Bracelet


The choker is an excellent starting necklace and allows for layering with additional necklaces such as the sat-lada, guttapusalu, and others. They look well with almost any neckline except a boat neck or a really high neckline. 


It’s a highly adaptable piece of gold jewellery because it can be worn with both traditional Indian garments and western gowns. Wearing a gold choker with a spotless white shirt, with the choker peeking out from beneath the shirt’s lapel, is the ultimate fashion statement. Chunky gold chokers can elevate your Zoom-worthy cashmere pullovers and silky blouses to heavenly heights.

Gold Choker

Image Source: Myntra


In other parts of the country, the jewellery worn around the waist is called as Kamarbandhs or waistbands. Kandora is a Gujarati term for it. It enhances the appearance of the woman who employed the Kandora to keep her saree in place or for aesthetic reasons. 


The Kandora can be worn during weddings and other celebratory occasions. With a variety of Kamarband designs composed of Kundan, Gold, and Diamond materials, you’ll be awestruck by the many styles offered, all of which are aimed to upgrade your traditional looks.

Gold Jewellery

Gold Kandora


Maang tikkas come in a variety of styles and designs; choose one based on the shape of your brow and the look you want. A thicker tikka can look magnificent if you have a broad forehead. A lighter maang tikka would seem beautiful and lovely if your forehead is smaller than typical. Maang tikkas are typically created to match the rest of your jewellery.


A Maang Tikka adorning the bride’s forehead is a must-have for any bride. Maang tikkas are worn at the hair parting and have an out worldly elegance that transports you to another era. The Matha Patti, which has decorated chains on both sides, is an enhancement to the Maang Tikka. Matha Patti is a piece of jewellery that exudes royalty and is unquestionably a must-have on your wedding day.

Image Source: Shaadi Wish


Brides in India wear anklets for a variety of reasons. They are ethnic and unearthly, as well as charming. Your delicate feet would look amazing with anklets and toe rings. When combined with Mehendi and toe rings, anklets elevate your feet from ordinary to the divine. 


Many cultures associate toe rings with a woman’s marital status. This is the most unique piece of jewellery that would bejewel the wonderful Indian bride, paired with a matching ring and the rest of the gold set.

Gold Anklet Design



Traditional designs and elements, such as the multi-layer necklace, the headband (Matha Patti), the waistband (cummerbund), tiklis (maang tikkas), and even the choker, have made an appearance. Things become more similar the more they change.  


Did you find your match? Whether you like traditional or contemporary styles, your bridal trousseau isn’t complete without a gold jewellery set. 


Know more about these exquisite designs and find your perfect piece by Contact Us at Mahabir Danwar Jewellers.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why gold is preferred for making jewellery?

  • Gold is impervious to discolouring, rust, and corrosion. Gold is by far the most significant metal in jewellery manufacturing because of its excellent properties and brilliance. Because pure gold is too delicate for regular life, it is blended with a variety of metals to make it tougher and suitable for use in ornaments.

Q How to sell gold jewellery?

  • Solid gold like gold bars, coins, and accessories, can also be sold to a retailer or an approved goldsmith and jewellers, as well as enter new markets and get currency for the jewel in stores. While selling the gold in India, always conduct deep analysis into gold patterns and the value of the commodity. 


Q How to wash gold jewellery at home?

  • The easiest homegrown method of washing gold jewellery starts with the mixing of detergent or soap in lukewarm water. Then put the gold ornament in that water, using a soft baby brush to rub on its surface, cleaning off the dirt. Use lukewarm water to clean out the soap again. Lastly, with the help of a soft cloth or paper towel, gently dry off the jewellery. 


Q Gold jewellery does not become dull why?

  • Yes, gold indeed does not dull! It does not catch moisture or react with the air around us. Nor is it reactive towards oxygen or other metals.

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