The Biggest Fine Jewelry Trends of 2021

The Biggest Fine Jewelry Trends of 2021
April 5, 2021 Vijay Soni Danwar
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Trends are the way of the modern world. They may be work trends, fashion trends, or even jewelry trends. ‘Stay Golden’, people often say, well, how would you manage that with backdated jewels from the last years?

So let’s talk about the jewelry trends in 2021 which are in vogue and consist of an assortment of earrings, baroque pearls, and necklaces enhancing your look.

When the door of your house has half-opened finally this year after the melancholic 2020, why not go all out on your style and inspire everyone on the way!

Let’s keep scrolling to know more.

What kind of jewelry is the most popular?

Pearl it: “Pearls are always appropriate.” – Jackie Kennedy
One of the most evergreen pieces of jewelry today are pearls. Adorning your outfit with classy and elegant pearl necklaces or earrings is the perfect way to appear regal as well as mesmerizing. It complements almost everyone and every style out there with its subtle but
impactful texture which is a trademark in itself.

Gold is Bold: Moreover, when discussing the latest fashion jewelry trends in India, one cannot dismiss the influence of Gold on our millennials as well as the adults. An accessory that does not only flatter your style but also holds great economic value is quite appreciated
today. Overlooking the authenticity of the age-old gold can be a big mistake when accessorizing yourself. You can try on the neck hugging necklace as worn by Deepika Padukone in the movie Padmavat or even light chains for a more suggestive effect on casual
looks. Even gold rings are something that is quite in and helps add richness to your look.

Mahabir Jewelers Gold jewelry

However, the question arises, should I wear yellow gold or white gold?

To answer this, let us briefly discuss what is yellow and white gold. A beautiful selection for everyone, yellow gold is made of pure gold mixed with copper and zinc which is estimated by karats. On the other hand, white gold is a mix of pure gold with white metals like nickel, silver, and palladium, usually with a rhodium coating. Even though it is real jewelry, it is not entirely made up of gold.

Now, there are several parallels to consider while choosing your ideal kind of gold. When buying a ring, white gold is most popular as it has a silver-tone with a white tinge in it. It is also more fashionable than yellow gold in the present times, however, the latter is soon catching
up. Coming to durability and scratch resistance, white gold is slightly more durable than yellow gold.

On the other hand, yellow gold is the most hypoallergenic and pure. It suits vintage styles more than its white counterpart. Also, it is very easy to maintain, so if you’re lazy about managing things, yellow gold is your best friend!

Latest Gold Jewelry Trends

It is ironic that antique gold jewelry is something that has never really lost its hype. The superior antiquity which adorned the bodies of India’s kings and queens of the past are still very much admired. So if you can get your hands on it, take the leap!

Designer bracelets and anklets are also a choice which you can go for if it suits you. This will add diversity and intricacy to your fashion helping add more charm. Jadau jewelry, made of gold, is Indian authentic wear where precious gemstones like pearl, diamonds, and rubies are embedded into gold giving it a beautiful look, unforgettable for all.

Further, Rose Gold rings and necklaces are newly in vogue, a creation of this decade. It is unique and does not have a completely traditional look like its other counterparts, hence, getting rose gold options can add a casual golden aspect to your cabinet.

Shine Like a Diamond-
Another statement wear would be diamonds which are a “girl’s best friend” as we all know it to be. An interesting combination with diamonds would be pearls. If you are keen to wear jewelry but wish to go light and easy on it, this adaptable combination
will fit just the right way on your necks and ears, and can also be used as a spectacle hanger, adding a unique touch to it.

Making chandbalis, jhumka, and pachelis out of premium diamonds is sure to get you along with the trends of the 21st century.

Diamond Necklace and Earring

Well, let us check out some more details on the jewelry trends! If you are not too specific about the material, you may focus more on the hyped necklaces, bracelets, and earrings at present for a more sure outlook.
If you’re wondering, what necklaces are in style now, here are some:

Choker Necklace WARNING! Be ready to open people’s eyes and turn heads with the notably charismatic choker necklace. Especially popular among brides and celebrities, these are neck-hugging and have a royal antique aura to them. Looks best in gold and polki.

Pachi Necklace A peacock style necklace, very individualistic, suiting best when made with uncut diamond.

Temple Style Necklace Inspired by the temples and divinities of India, this style is in fashion and radiates the best when made of pure yellow gold.


Choker Necklace

Talking about bracelets :
• Tennis Bracelet Ah! One of the most upcoming trends. Worn by adult women, adding a tinge of elegance to all kinds of looks, whether Western or Traditional. It is currently a common and popular choice among young women buyers. You just can’t go wrong with the simplistic but extremely pretty diamond Tennis Bracelet.

• Stiff Bracelet A traditional choice known by most. You can customize it with ease, in any design using your favorite material and get the aspired results. They are rigid and sturdy in use and have been used for ages past.

Pandora Bracelet Made of pure silver, it is usually worn by the younger crowd. The bracelet is usually adorned with charms of your choice and design and is one of the best-sophisticated presents to give to your loved ones.

As the international pop star and fashion icon, Jennifer Lopez, once said, “Women should never go without earrings. Passing on them is an opportunity missed.”:

• Jhumka If they aren’t your go-to choice when getting accessories, then what is? The prettiest dome-shaped earrings made of all kinds of materials in numerous designs, they will look best with your gorgeous Indian wear.

• Kundan Earrings A dynamic piece worn by many, Kundan earrings are made of pure gold and look captivating when worn.

• Clustered Pearl Earrings As its name is, this earring has a cluster of small pearls hanging at the bottom adding more texture and refinery to normal diamond and gold.

Polki Jhumka and Necklace

Tips and Tricks to Accessorizing in the 21st Century

Now that you are well aware of what is happening around you and the ongoing trends, here are some simple tips to transgress the wide world of accessories of this decade:-

• While adorning oneself heavily with jewels was considered quite premium in the past, things are not the same anymore. A statement necklace and statement earring do not ideally go together today where people like to keep it classy. One highlighting jewelry is enough to create an effect while if two very large impactful pieces are worn together, the quote ‘Too many cooks spoil the broth is sure to come to mind. There should always be one central focus when wearing such jewelry.

• Layering with the right kind and amount of bangles, rings, or bracelets is a good choice. It’ll add diversity to your look and make it more fashionable.

• “Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.” quoted Lauren Hutton, model, and actress. Hence, trusting your gut is also very important. If you think that this accessory speaks ‘you’ and collaborates go with it. Be your best fashionable self, as that is going to take you ahead in your road to accessorizing.

• Another important aspect is to know your limits. If you’re a person who cannot handle heavy large pieces of jewelry and gets tired of it soon, then buy the lighter ones as they will surely have the same effect if combined the right way. When wearing light pieces, you can always add more to your style to be on par with the heavy sets.

• Lastly, accessorizing and using jewelry is the way of the present, so don’t restrict your fashion as using them will only enhance your vogue three-fold than would be usually achievable!


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