Set The Trend Today with Diamond Shapes

Set The Trend Today with Diamond Shapes
April 21, 2021 Vijay Soni Danwar
Diamond Shapes - Selecting a perfect Diamond shape- MDJ

Who does not love jewellery? If your answer is that you don’t, then you probably haven’t got your perfect piece. For instance, you are sure to admire the lovely golden bangles passed on from your ancestry, the glamorous diamond-shaped rings and accessories gifted to you by your loved ones or the silver modern-antique set which is unforgettable once placed eyes on.

Essentially, women, today love Diamonds. They are the choice of the millennials as well as the females who seek more classy and stylish jewellery in the current era.

Diamonds have an image of purity and light. They are given as a pledge of love and worn as a symbol of commitment.Peter Singer

Selecting a diamond piece from several options might often appear to be difficult so there arises an intriguing question: Which diamond shape is the best?

Well, the answer would be that whichever suits your vibe and your design. It is ultimately a personal choice, though here is a laid out variety of diamond cuts to ease this selection process:

Different Kind of Diamond Shapes

Different Diamond Shape Image

  • Round Shape: This dazzling round-shaped piece accounts for about 75% of the diamond sale in the world. The sparkle of this cut is more prominent than the other stylish ones which makes it a crowd’s favourite. It is ideally used to make engagement rings. However, these Round Shape diamond cuts do not come cheap and cost more than any other design due to their low yields or production and much higher sales. If you’re one for the shimmers and shines and are wondering which diamond cut sparkles the most then Round Shape Diamond would be your answer. With 58 facets, this classic stone is a legend in itself.
  • Emerald Shape Diamond: Buy the best quality stone or don’t! When it comes to opting for the Emerald style, you’re surely going for the best. Radiating a hall-of-mirrors effect and not the sparkling one like the Round Shape, Emerald diamonds make the fingers look slim and regal when worn. These have a step-cut design and are about 40% cheaper than the round one at the same carat.
  • Princess-Cut: This cut has a tinier face-up size, though it still appears to be longer. The Princess Cut diamonds are square-shaped and have a more contemporary exterior. This design is the second most popular diamond shape cut. Diamond Shape Images: Cushion Cut(left), Princess Cut(right)
  • Cushion Cut Diamond: The pillow-shaped diamond which is square with rounded edges is a luxurious choice. Earlier the Cushion Cut diamonds were sold in auctions and similar official events, however, this classic style is slowly gaining popularity due to its striking appearance. The impact of this shape is unavoidable when its existence of 200 years is taken into consideration.
  • Asscher Cut: Similar to the Emerald style diamond, the Asscher cut diamond also has a step-like format. However, it has larger step facets, a smaller table and a taller crown when compared to the emerald kind. With an enhanced gleam, this piece of jewellery is symbolic of prestige and elegance.
  • Oval-Cut: Ah! If that is not enough. Here is another token of royalty just for you. The Oval Cut diamonds create the perfect illusion of greater size and can be easily alternated for a unique form of the Round Cut piece. It helps flatter any look and supplements both Indian and Western wear when worn.
  • Marquise-Cut: Shaped like an American football, the marquise-shaped jewel is a pointed oval shape. Its refined edges are remarkably magnificent when worn. The marquise diamond has the largest surface area of all its other counterparts. Though, one important thing to be made sure of when purchasing this very exquisite cut is the symmetry, looking close at the piece you have to make sure that the diamond is symmetrical.
  • Pear-Shaped Diamond: The next on the list of the ideal diamond cuts to choose from is the Pear Cut diamond which is basically a combination of the Marquise and Round design. The use of this shape usually leads to unique and distinguishing jewellery due to its dazzling nature. The tip of this design is gullible to be chipped and worn off and hence, has to be handled with care. If you are confident in your abilities to be responsible, then there is nothing better than a Pear Shaped set.
    Pearl Shaped Diamond | Mahabir Danwar Jewellers Delhi, Kolkata
    Pear-Shaped Diamond Pendant
  • Heart-Cut: They say if it touches your heart, you should go for it. Well, one thing is for sure, the Heart-Cut diamonds are going to reach your heart and make you fall in love with them in no time. These heart-shaped jewels are just like romantic souvenirs and are even shaped in a heart in form. It is none other than one of the most iconic gestures of love.
  • Radiant Shape: Radiant Shape is the cuboid-shaped piece, found in the Emerald cut with as much radiance and shine as the Round shaped diamond. It is considered to have one of the most wonderful cuts with its triangle and kite-like structure. A vibrant and upbeat piece that can be styled with ease and up your fashion quotient in no time.
  • Trillion Cut Diamond: The last of the diamond shapes objects have taken a triangular shape, the Trillion Cut diamonds are mostly used as side adornments or act as accent stones. It has a modern appearance which is memorable and glamorous. The corners of this diamond are viable to be hampered due to snagging and hence, has to be minded with care.

Now that you are well aware of the various diamond cuts and shapes, let us look into some important questions which may surely be in your head when you go jewellery shopping!

1. Which diamond cut is the cheapest?

“I hate diamonds!” – Said, no woman ever.

Well, in the world of expenses, why not go for pocket-friendly options which are beautiful and elegant at the same time. The Cushion and Asscher shapes are two of the cheapest diamond cuts available at present, followed by the Emerald cut. As mentioned, these designs have their own specialty and charm and can be easily opted for if you do not wish to spend too much.

Though one thing to be noted is that the final rate of any diamond piece depends on the weight of the carat.


Oval Cut Diamond Shape - Mahabir Danwar JewellersOval-Cut Diamond Ring

2. Which is the rarest diamond shape?

At times, we just do not want to go with the crowd. We wish to be different and unique which also applies to our jewellery. Especially, when it comes to those diamond shapes that are often too difficult to source. Firstly, the Heart-Shaped diamond is an intricate work which if missed even by a single movement can lead to the ruining of the diamond.

Hence, the difficulty of getting it made makes it quite a rare option.  secondly, a Trillion Cut diamond which is large and is used as the centre attraction unlike its usual application as a side adornment is very hardly found. Lastly, the crowd favourite Round Cut diamond is a rare finding because of its hyping demand which also makes it very expensive.

3. Which diamond shape is most expensive?

Undoubtedly, when looked through the diamond shape chart, the most expensive diamond shape today are the Round Cut or the Brilliant Cut diamond. This is followed by the Oval and the Heart-Shaped ones.

4. Why choose diamonds over other jewellery (eg. Gold, Silver or Metal)?

Diamonds are much smaller in size than any other accessory. It is also more pricey and valuable and was even used as a way of payment in the earlier times, due to its weight. There is hardly any risk of diamonds being worn off with it being the hardiest object on the planet. Hence, these stones are easy to manage and last long, which seems to be a long-term investment.

Moreover, diamonds have a more contemporary look when compared to the antique gold appearance or the ancient-modern look of silver. Also, this jewel can be easily worn with a variety of looks unlike the several restrictions imposed by its counterparts.

Getting the perfect diamond can be intimidating but take the 4C’s (clarity, colour, cut and carat) into consideration and you’re good to go! The support team of Mahabir Danwar is also here to assist and provide you with consultation in case of need of any further information. Our group of expert jewellers are ready to be at your service and provide you with the fitting diamond.

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