Jewelry selection guide

  • Sep292021

    15 Trending Indian Earrings Designs of the 21st Century

    Even though every jewellery lover would want their collection to be brimming with shiny pieces of intricate craftwork to define…

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  • Sep162021

    5 Bangle Designs that you must have

    Indian bangles stand by your company as if unique blessings adorn your hands! Bangles, more so than any other jewellery,…

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  • Aug272021

    Latest Indian Jewellery Designs

    In the current world of fashion and trends, pieces of jewellery have acquired a special place in the hearts of…

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  • Aug242021

    The 4 Incredible Antique Jewelleries Design of India

    Indian jewellery is special because of its long-lined lineage traced back to centuries, significantly valued and regarded as an important…

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  • Aug132021
    Diamond Shapes - Selecting a perfect Diamond shape- MDJ

    101 Guide on Polki Jewellery

    Polki jewellery is likely to pique your interest if you’re captivated by the beautiful, opulent jewels worn by Indian regal…

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  • Aug102021

    Indian Necklace : South Indian Necklace & Bengali Necklace

    India occupies a significant space in the development of Jewellery of different kinds since ancient times and one of the…

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  • Jul292021

    Everything About Jadau Jewellery, that you want to know!!

    Jewellery in India is not only great in its appearance but also in its relevance to the culture and customs…

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  • Jul262021

    All About Kundan Jewellery – Origin, Making, Culture And Types

    Throughout history, Kundan jewellery has left a marked significance of its value amongst various cultures and societies. And even though…

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  • Jul192021
    Gem stones embodied in neckless

    Jewellery Designs: Hints of Gold Jewellery That Will Turn Heads Your Way

    In India, regardless of religion, Gold Jewellery is an important part of religious events. Gold is a significant asset in…

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  • Jul072021

    11 Amazing Things to Know About Rajasthani Jewellery

    The historical land of the Rajputs, Rajasthan is bursting with a vivaciousness of culture and traditions. Especially, Rajasthani jewellery has…

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  • Jun252021
    Punjabi Jewellery

    10 Amazing Traditional Punjabi Jewellery to Try Right Now!

    The diversity of Indian culture is unparalleled in every context. Irrespective of the North or South, each territory has its…

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  • Jun182021

    #21 Different Types of Bengali Jewellery that will blow your mind

    India is home to several languages, religions, and different types of Jewellery that vary from North to South and East…

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  • Jun132021

    8 Trending Statement South Indian Jewellery

    If there is one region in India that is famous for its cultural jewels, it is the South. South Indian…

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  • Jun092021

    Amazing Antique Jewellery Designs – Trending 

     Antique jewellery or vintage jewellery are the glory and prestige of our Indian accessories. They are the lineage that laid…

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  • May312021

    Traditional Indian Jewellery and its Cultural Diversity

    Being in the jewellery business, we are often asked about certain types of Indian jewellery. People come forward to question…

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  • May222021

    Why is Jewellery a Good Investment?

    Indian ethnic culture from years bygone dictates why jewellery a good investment. The Kings and Queens have adorned themselves with…

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  • May172021


    Today, we are surrounded by various types of jewellery pieces that are diverse and authentic in style. They enhance your…

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  • May112021

    A Guide to Understanding if the Diamond is Real or Fake

    Stunning pieces of jewellery, diamonds add grace and charm to your look. Their uses are versatile and are used by…

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  • May022021

    Marry Royally: All you Need is a Beautiful Bridal Jewellery Set!

    Lehenga done, sandal done, makeup done, now what about the signature bridal jewellery set? Do you also have prolonged ‘To…

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  • Apr212021
    Diamond Shapes - Selecting a perfect Diamond shape- MDJ

    Set The Trend Today with Diamond Shapes

    Who does not love jewellery? If your answer is that you don’t, then you probably haven’t got your perfect piece.…

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  • Apr152021

    Finding your Perfect Gem Stones(Specially for April born)

    Let us start by sharing some interesting trivia about gem stones, there are nine in all. Do you know which…

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