Marry Royally: All you Need is a Beautiful Bridal Jewellery Set!

Marry Royally: All you Need is a Beautiful Bridal Jewellery Set!
May 2, 2021 Vijay Soni Danwar

Lehenga done, sandal done, makeup done, now what about the signature bridal jewellery set? Do you also have prolonged ‘To Do Wedding Lists’ that are difficult to keep up with? Well, taking up one of the very major problems, here’s how to choose bridal jewellery set from the varieties of jewellery pieces at your disposal today.

One critical aspect when selecting a jewellery set is keeping in touch with your vibe. It should suit you and your entire attire in colour, highlight and type. 

The first step to making this choice is matching it with your lehenga. Whence, looking at bridal jewellery set online, this should be your priority… 

Working with Contrast

 Colours which are polls apart but complement each other perfectly, are to go for! Bright mix-ups of orange and green, regally inclined maroon and deep green or the pastel family of pink and green are some exquisite combinations. 

Pink and Green Contrasting Lehenga and Jewellery

Matching Jewellery and Lehenga

An evergreen option that is sure to grab some attention. Celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma have been witnessed collaborating their hues in several of their wedding ceremonies. An emerald lehenga with an emerald and diamond jewelry set or pink with a pink-toned set is going to give you your perfect bridal look! Choose your coloured stones right, and there is no looking back.

Simplicity is Grace

 If you want to go for a more elegant and simpler option rather than the heavy jewellery sets, then the Kundan necklace and earring combination will add grace to your attire like never before. You may even opt for diamond pieces that are stunning and minimalistic at the same time. 


Simplistic Diamond Set

Contemporary or Vintage

Now, with both contemporary and vintage styles in vogue, it is vital to know your choice among the two. This will help narrow down on choices and ease the selection process. 

Pricelessness is a virtue of vintage bridal jewellery sets. Such heirloom sets are a trademark and maintained with excellent care. A reminder of the past, whether it be your mother’s earrings or your grandmother’s necklace, they have a striking aura about them. Rani haar or Matha Patti are traditional selections that carry a sense of vintage vibe.. They are both additionally exceptional choices to wear in your wedding ceremonies. A large nath made of gold to enhance your look is an ideal antiquity choice. 

On the other hand, going for a more chic contemporary look, including trending pearls and diamonds during your jewellery selection will make your outfit appear fashion-friendly and trendy. Being up to date with the styles of the present will also help you complement your bridal look. A great choice would be designer choker necklaces and jhumkas.


A completely simple and sober Bridal Jewellery set Choker Necklace

Now, there are few jewellery sets which are the in-thing today. This is because of their impact, class, quality and value. 

If you wish to opt for a South Indian Bridal Jewellery Set online, then the Antique Gold Design, Guttapusalu Haram, Nakshi or Temple Style, Kasu Haram and Mango Mala are your go-to choices. They radiate a sense of dynamism as well as stability to the bride’s attire complimenting looks perfectly.


Picture Source: Bokeh Ads

South Indian Style Jewellery Set Worn by Bride 

Glam it up with a Green Bridal Jewellery Set. With their exquisite appearance, your anarkalis are sure to be accentuated with green-styled jewelry. Combining green rani haars with a contrasting or matching choker necklace will add to the bride’s quintessential quotient. Minimalistic green-hued naths are also an option to die for! That’s not all. Heavy Maang Tikkas and Mathapatti to adorn your head, carrying on the versatility of your look is also a great selection. 


Picture Courtesy: WedMeGood

Green Bridal Jewellery Set 

Who does not know about the power of a graceful Gold Plated Indian Bridal Jewellery Set? The signature hand-worn kadas, jhumkas and antique necklaces are quite ideal. With it being appreciated by both the older and younger generations, you can hardly go wrong with golden jewelry. If you wish to enquire more about the gold bridal jewellery sets with price or even about any other Jewellery Set for Bride with Price, you can contact Mahabir Dhanwar at


Following, the next in-vogue assortment is the Rajasthani Styles Jewellery Set. A reminder of India’s royal lineage consisting of Mughals, Marathas and Rajputs, emanating an aura of traditionalism, elegance and regalness. Silver, Lac or Kundan and Jadau sets as worn by Aishwarya Rai Bachan in the historical film Jodha Akbar are some concepts that you can implement and opt for when going jewellery shopping. The meenakari style too is a recognized Rajasthani set that is made with expert craftsmanship and handiwork. The Rakhdi or Borla designs are quite glamorously portrayed by Deepika Padukone in the movie Padmavat. This endless array includes Bajubandh, Kanthi necklace and Bangadi as some other delightful options. 

  Moving on let us focus on some popular and important jewellery pieces which collaboratively make jewellery sets and are in demand today.


 The most flashy piece of jewelry in every set because of its central placement are necklaces. The artisanal Polki and Jadau pieces help accentuate your neck in several ways. For many years, choker necklaces have acted as statement jewelry. Brides are witnessed to be using them every other year.
On the other hand, tasteful diamond necklaces exhibit minimalism and sophistication. There are many variations of necklace possibilities available today, hence, choosing the perfect one which even corroborates with your spending limit should not too difficult.

Necklace by Mahabir Danwar Jewellers

Raani Haar

These are usually long necklaces styled with another neck-hugging piece to have a larger impact. They may be single-stringed or more and are in demand.

Maharani Haar by MDJ

This majestic choice is inspired by the queens of India as its name suggests. It enumerates the royalty of your attire with its marked boldness. Raani Haar tends to be made of rubies, pearls, diamonds and emeralds.

Sonam Kapoor wearing Rani Haar with Choker

Necklace Maang Tika

 A forehead decoration for brides, they are a must-add-on. If you have a broader forehead then a heavier maang tikka is ideal, however, in the case of a small forehead, wearing a lighter maang tika is going to look gorgeous and charming. If you are just not a maang tikka kind of individual, then you can easily opt for Matha Patti that has chains on either side and often seems to look better than its counterpart.

Bride wearing Matha Patti 

Hath Phool or Hand Harness 

Among the many Indian bridal jewellery sets wholesale or marketed today, we often overlook the very lovely haath phools which are a designated bridal look. Worn at the back of your palm, noosed around one finger, it is a graceful accessory. The tiny details of the Hath Phool when assisted by a ring and a jewellry set complimenting it, are captivating. 


 Picture Source – Cupcake Productions

Haath Phool



The variations of a Kamarbandh are quite a trademark. Available in thin and think form, in several designs of studded adornments, they encompass your waist and enhance your look. The perfect OTT option to be worn with sarees, lehengas and anarkalis. 


I mean, need we say more! Rings have been the mascots of weddings since aeons. Both Western and Eastern civilizations have accepted rings to be the forebearers of demonstrating their marriage to people. It is always an alluring and appealing range, without which a wedding and more importantly a bridal jewellery set seem incomplete. You can have gold and diamond rings with a touch of emerald or pearl, to augment your bridal look. 


 Haven’t we all born witness to brides wearing the most stunning bangles on their mehndi painted hands. Ethnicity emits out of the tinkling shiny bangles. At present, you can easily opt for the fashionable Polki style or gold and silver alternatives. Whatever your selection may be, we are sure you will have everyone dazzled with the array of fascinating bangles of distinctive designs and material. 


It takes an instance for your look to change and that instance is when you put on earrings. Earrings should complement your neckpiece and not be too heavy to be carried. Wearing a lighter earring with a heavy neckpiece is ideal, while a heavier jhumka or similar with a simpler necklace works wonders. Earrings are available in all of the fine metals which open the doors of your imagination wider, allowing you to experiment freely. 

Nath or Nose Ring

Finally, completing your bridal jewellery set is a highlighting nose ring. You can wear a lighter Nath to give your look a touch of elegance or go for a bulky heavier one. With clip-ons available today, you do not even need to have a nose piercing, making it that much usable and applicable. A flower nath for Mehendi, a golden nose ring for the wedding or a diamond one for sangeet looks especially beautiful. 

Heavy Golden Nath 

Photo Courtesy: The Return Ticket Studios

Want to make it more special and extravagant? Then you can even add on armlets, hair brooches and payals to your jewellery set and make your look more special than ever. 

Our last tip to you would be to not be intimidated by the wedding accessories and attain a fresh outlook by researching online and consulting experts. This will ensure that you have the best jewellery designs at your disposal and help avoid any mistakes. Remember to choose your bridal jewellery as per your niche, after all, it is your special day!

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