Amazing Antique Jewellery Designs – Trending 

Amazing Antique Jewellery Designs – Trending 
June 9, 2021 Vijay Soni Danwar

 Antique jewellery or vintage jewellery are the glory and prestige of our Indian accessories. They are the lineage that laid the foundation of contemporary designs. These age-old styles have lasted the throes of time. Even today, more than two centuries after the first jewellery was constructed, the modern styles are highly inspired by the antique types. 


Antiquity adds a sense of regalness and class to any jewel, which seems to be of a long-lasting nature. Their tradition was built on the grounds of expert craftsmanship, innovation and attention to creativity. Mahabir Danwar is a brand which focuses on the history of the jewels and makes the most graceful accessories inspired by this glorious past. 


That is why we feel it is important for everyone to get to know the most stunning antique jewellery designs that are trending even today. 


Antique Jewellery NECKLACES include the Meenkari, Temple, Kundankari, Jadau and Polki styles. 


A precious choice, Meenakari is made of gold which holds the enamel, the colours, better. Originally found in Rajasthan, it is passed from the goldsmith onto the meenakar, who adds the final touches before it is bought and worn by people. Usually the jewellery production involves 7 stages with the help of 7 different experts. The Meenakari necklace is procured meticulously and is one of the most critically made pieces of jewellery in the Indian landscape. 

Antique Jewellery Designs

Meenakari Jewellery Set


Kundankari is the next most significant antique jewellery necklace found today. Consisting of diamonds or emeralds in a metal base, its shine is remarkable. Gold foils are used to keep these metals intact. With the help of the ghaat and khudai method, these necklaces are articulately structured. Dazzling necklaces that are rich in texture come to play with the Kundankari design.


Devotion and religion has been part of human existence since the beginning of humanity. People tend to put their belief in something, whether it be nature or the Holy Gods. The Indian country is driven towards their belief in God, that they seem to treasure forever. The tales of Mahabharata and Ramayana are a clear example of this. This strength of prayer has influenced the lives of the citizens of the country and hence, it will be improbable that it hasn’t affected the Indian traditional jewellery designs too.


The Temple Style jewelry depict most clearly the nation’s religious essence. With motifs and figurines of holy figures inscribed in pure gold, the Temple Style has refused to go redundant. A chic style worn by several women of status, adorn their necks with heavy and old antique temple jewellery that clearly indicate their fashion sense and sets a high standard. This traditional design first originated in South India, however, it’s influence has spread to the rest of the country. 

Temple Style Jewellery

Moving on, Polki necklaces are another antique design that are more than trending today.  A mix of both gold and diamond, this is more expensive than the Kundankari necklaces. It has crossed the boundaries of time and dynamism of cultures, appearing to be an elite choice for all Indian brides. The look of a Polki necklace is enhanced by the use of uncut diamonds making it appear flawless to the naked eye. 


The Jadau necklaces are old antique jewellery that have also been passed on through generations and have not been affected by the transcending times. First introduced by the Mughals, it later spread to parts of Jaipur and Bikaner.


It tends to be imbibed by the bottom side of a stone and much like the Meenakari technique, takes a lot of effort to be constructed. A sustainable selection, Jadau necklaces look stunningly thrilling when worn with most Indian attires. 


ANKLETS specifically are part of some of the most vintage collections. Usually made of gold, diamonds or silver, they were worn by brides of the ancient eras. 


Kholkhal Anklets are heavy pure gold anklets worn by the Marwadi and Gujarati people. It beholds a sense of beauty and richness and was quite popular. 


However, when it comes to trending antique jewellery designs, the Diamond Anklets will be your go to choice. A thin diamond strip with a central motif of your initials, a circle or any other symbol that vibes with you, is something that is relevant in even western cultures. These simple but fashionable diamond anklets can be worn with non-ethnic attires too!

Diamond Anklet


A subtle Gold Anklet with minimalistic designs is also a crowd’s favourite. Teenagers as well as their parents can wear them with any outfit and help add an incredible distinctiveness to their look. 


Talking about antique EARRINGS, it is important to mention the Gold Plated Jhumkas. These jhumkas have existed in the country since the onset of gold earrings. They are a popular choice among the young women, who team it up with complementing colours, making their overall look valuable. Small jhumkas are worn regularly by many women, signifying their status. 


Diamond, Polki or Kundan jhumkas are also some very breathtaking options that you can opt for. We, at Mahabir Danwar, have an array of jhumka designs made of your chosen metals, for you to get. 


Another very fascinating antique jewels would be the Chandbalis. The Delhi National Museum artifacts include the presence of Chandbalis in their array, indicating that it was founded by the Rajputs and later spread to the Nizam of Hyderabad. With the combination of two crescent earrings adorned with diamonds and rubies, the likeness of chandbalis has not gone down.


One can find its presence in Mughal paintings and in the contemporary historical movies of the Indian cinema, like seen as adorned by Madhuri Dixit in Kalank. Circle-shaped chandbalis have also come into play today. These earrings were also used as a brooch or jhumar decor in the past. 




BANGLES AND KADAS are our last trending vintage jewellery. Indian women are known to adorn their wrists with gold and diamond bangles which they often wear on a regular basis. These are not only reserved for special occasions but are often a daily wear. Married women in most parts of India are more prone to such wear. 


Gold Kadas are another exquisite choice of antiquity. They may consist of a single or multiple design and are usually purchased in pairs. Some popular styles are the peacock, naga or flower design. Kadas usually have a latch hook to keep them in place. 


Gold Kadas


The Temple Style designs are also prevalent in the form of bangles and are another incredible piece of antique jewellery.


Especially, when it comes to vintage bangles, an array of myths are associated with it. It is said that it helps exercise the wrists or keeps the umbilical cords healthy. Old traditions go as far as to say that it helps keep the negative energy away. Thin gold bangle sets are a signature vintage style jewellery. It has been constructed and re-done with the changing of times and is now available in a variety of modern styles. However, its backing remains in the minimalistic thin gold bangles.


Now there are several questions that may pop in your head in regards to Antique jewellery. Let us help you answer some: 


Why antique gold is expensive?

Gold is the rarest metal to be found today, making it thereby expensive. Its value increases every year as per the market demands. Since, today gold is one of the most precious metals with great returns, the antique gold has a glory and value attached to it, making it quite expensive for the buyers. 


Does antique gold have resale value?

Yes, antique gold has a remarkable resale value. In fact, it proves to be more fruitful than the recently mined ones. 


What is vintage style jewelry?

Ideally, in the jewellery industry, the metals produced and designed about 50 to 100 years ago are considered to be ‘vintage’. Hence, when considered from the present time, the jewelleries of 1970 and before are vintage in style. 


Should you clean antique jewelry?

Yes, one should clean all kinds of jewellery, whether it may be vintage or new. However, the technique of cleaning matters a lot. Using the wrong kind of materials when cleaning your jewellery may permanently default your accessory. Each jewellery whether it be gold, diamond or polki has a different cleaning process, so you need to look up these methods before undertaking any action. 


Is vintage jewelry cheaper?

No, it definitely is not cheaper. Only those whose surfaces are chipped or damaged and have lost their shine due to wear and tear can be available at cheaper rates. Otherwise, refined and valued antique jewelry increases in price rather than decreasing. 


If you wish to know more and try your hand at purchasing Antique Jewellery, then you can easily Contact Us or Book a Video Appointment with us. 


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  1. Priya Sharma 7 months ago

    There are so many kinds of traditional Indian Jewellery that you have shared with us in this article. These pieces of jewellery are really amazing. I would definitely love to own these incredible pieces of jewellery. I had never heard of Kundankari and Meenakari jewellery before. Thank you for sharing all this knowledge with us through this article.

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